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 thousand or fogy thousand® _/ A second measurement of safety is
 to determine a druges therapeutic ratio or index° This figure is
 derived by comparing the dose recommended for therapeutic utility
 with that dose that is fatal or would seriously injure the
 patient. _/ Aspirin, for example, is no_ally prescribed at two
 il,i,, tablets per treatment° Its therapeutic J.ndex is twenty.
 Therefores if forty tablets of aspirin are ingested simultane-
 ously, death or significant injury to the patient will occur. 6_4/
 ...... Most prescription medicines have very low therapeutic
 ratios -- usually in the neighborhood of no more than ten to
 one. -_/ Valium, for instance, may cause very serious biological
 damage (or death) if a patient uses more than ten times the
 recommended therapeutic dOSeo 66/ Many of the drugs prescribed
 for the treatment of cancer, glaucoma and muscle spasticity as
 ...... discussed more fully _nfra_ are highly toxic and have very low
 therapeutic ratios -- some in the range of 1.5 to one. 9//
 By contrast, marijuana_s therapeutic ratio is extremely
 high. Despite the many studies conducted to determine the
 effects of marijuanas none of them has shown that the drug
 6_/ Affidavit of Dro Andrew Wells _ 37 (necessary level to kill
 ...... would be equivalent of eating (or. smoking) twenty thousand to
 forty thousand marijuana cigarettes within about fifteen
 9// /_. at _ 39.
 9_4/ /__® at _ 40.
 65/ /_° at _ 41o
 _7/ _® at _ 42.

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