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 marijuanaSs long history of uses but also because the drug is
 currently used on a daily basis by millions of Americans and in
 ..... _ other countries around the world_ 5_7/ This long history of usage
 without fatality or serious injury to a single user is
 strong -- if not overwhelming -- evidence of the drug's
 safety. _/
 Most other drugs, by contrast, cannot claim this
 spotless record of safe use. For example, the common drug
 aspirin causes hundreds, if not thousandss of deaths each
 Scientists assign drugs an LD 50 figure -- /_e., the
 lethal dosage at which fifty percent of those ingesting a drug
 will die -- for each substance in order to assess the drug's
 overall.safety. _q/ Using animals, researchers have never been
 able to establish an LD 50 level for marijuanao 9-I/ Their best
 estimate is that marijuana_s LD 50 level is approximately twenty
 57/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Weilt _ 54. In fact, recent
 figures indicate that from twenty to fifty million Americans
 routinely-_albeit illegally--smoke marijuana without the benefit
 of direct medical supervision. /__.
 ___/ Cross-examination of Dro. Norman Zinberg, Tro ii-175 (most
 important element in determining safety of drug is whether it
 will kill patient or is seriously toxic)
 __/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Weil_ _ 35. Cross-examination of
 Dr. Norman Zinberg_ Tr_ 11-241.
 6_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Tr. 14-45 & 14 _.
 ........ 46.
 61/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Weil_ _ 36. See also Cross-
 examination of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Tr. 14-46 & 14-47 (Phase Z
 studies on marijuana have never been able to establish LD 50

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