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 nothing to demonstrate that the drug lacks accepted safety under
 medical supervision_ Although profferi_ a number of minor side
 effects that may result from marijuana u_se as evidence of its
 lack of safety; .the Government has failed to indicate any adverse
 effects that a competent medical physician couldn't safely
 consider in making a reaisonable treatmen°_ decision by weighing
 the medical risks of marijuana use vis-a.-vis its medical
 1. _istory of Usaae
 Marijuana has been used medically for nearly five
 thousand years_ The first report of marijuanaSs medical utility
 appeared in a Chinese catalog of herbal _irugs, published in 2737
 BŪC. 5_/ Marijuana, the catalog noted, eased digestive
 upsets. _/ Later, marijuanaSs medical use was widely recognized
 in the Middle East; Asia and Medieval Eu_:ope. 5_/ In the United
 States_ marijuana was indicated as having a variety of medical
 uses in the Pharmacopoeia from colonial times until the late
 Despite the dln/ges widespread use, there is no record
 ........ in the extensive medical literature describing a cannabis-induce@
 fatality. _6/ This is extraordinary, not only because of
 _/. Affidavit of Alice O'Leary; _ 9o
 ___I Affidavit of Dr. Tod Mikuriyae _ 7.
 5_/ Affidavit of Dr. Norman Zinberg_ _ 14.
 ___/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Weil, _ 33_

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