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 ..... DRUG 21 § 812
 (I) _,4-methyl¢_edioxy _phe_i_.
 (_) _-_etho_-8,_ethy|enedioxy _phe_mir_e_
 ($) 8,4_5-t_etho_ amphe_mine.
 .... (4) Bu_c_ine.
 (5) _le_by|tr_i_e.
 (6) Dtmethyl_Tp_,
 (7) _methyl®2,5-_lime_oxy_phe_mlne.
 ...... (9) Ly_rzic _cid dle_y|_i_eo
 (11) Mesc_l_e.
 (I_) _-me_yl-,%pipe_idy] be_zflat_.
 (15) Psi|oey_in.
 (16) Psi]ec_.
 (17) Te_ahydroc&n_bino]s.
 .... (e) Unle_e _peeiflc_IĄy excepted or unless |ie_l in another sched-
 ule, any o_ _he Sol|owing subs_nc_s whether produced _lirect|y or
 indirect|y by extraction _ro_ _ubstance_ o_ vege_b|e origin, or in-
 dependently by _e_ o_ ehemic_| _yn{h¢_i_, or by s co_bi_st_on of
 _tr_¢_io_ _nd chewier| _he_ie:
 (1) Opium a_d opie_, and any _al_ compound, deriwtive, or
 preparation of opium or opIa_e.
 (S) Any s_i_, compound, derivative, or preparation _hereo_
 which ie chemically equivalent or identice| witch any of the su_
 emcee referred t:o in cleu_ (1), _cept _hat the_e substances
 _hal| _ot include the is_uinol_n¢ a_k_|oids of o)_i_
 (8) Opium poppy and poppy st_,wo
 (_) _a _eave_ and any _a_o compound, derivative, or pr_pa-
 ration of coca Ieavee_ and any _a|t_ compound, derivatives or
 preparation thereof which is che_i_lZy e_uiv_]e_t or iden_ica]
 with any of the_e _ubst_ances0 _eep_ that the _ub_nces _ha])
 _ot _¢_de decoeainize_l coca Ie&v¢_ _r extraction of coca
 |eaves, which e,_Lraction_ do _ot con_in cocaine or ecgonineo
 (b) Un_eu specifically excepted or unless listed i_ another sched-
 ule, any of the following opiate_, inc|udin_ _¢ir isomers, e_t.e_,
 ethers, sal_, and _sIt_ of isomers, es_re and ethers, whenever the
 ee_i_ence of _uch isomers, esters, ether_o and _a|_ is possible within
 the specific chemical de_i_a_Ion:
 (I) Alp]u_pr_iaeo

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