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 drug -_ is most important. Seconds is the treatment decision
 Haccepted# -_ that is _ do the patient and the doctor accept
 _ the treatment decision? Third, the standard considers #accepted
 medical use in treatmento _ That is_ do the doctor's peers accept
 his treatment decision to use a particular drug? In this ways
 and witka view to possible rescheduiing of illegal (or new)
 drugs_ the phrase assures that the requisite #acceptance m may
 take the form of either advocacy or passive acceptance _o _
 do patients, doctors and their peers accept a drug through active
 or tacit approval of its use? _-_/ Similarly_ by requiring that a
 drug have an _accepted medical use in treatment o   ,_ rather
 than the Ubest treatment m or the _only treatments # this standard
 makes it clear that new drugs may gain acceptance for a
 particular treatment purpose prior to supplanting all other
 ....! "currently accepted _ mediical treatments for a particular ailment.
 Most important, the phrase mcurrently accepted medical
 use in treatment in the United States _ necessarily establishes a
 framework for resolving the thorny question of whether a drug has
 achieved such acceptance. By focusing upon treatment decisions,
 the standard necessarily requires initial consideration of the
 views of patients_ doctors and their peers. In the United
 States, doctors are afforded great discretion in determining the
 proper method of treating their patients. This treatment
 decision is limited solely by accepted practice established by
 _4/ The Webster_s New World Dictionary defines the word
 _accept _ as follows: To receive favorably_ approve, such as to
 accept a theory _ . . to agree or consent to, [acquiesce in..
 _. WebsterSs New World Dictionary_ p_ 8 (2d College Ed_ 1984)o
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