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 Traditional methods of s_tutory construction are
 appropriate in this case. _/ The meaninq of statutory language
 is first determined from the words_ themselves _- their plain
 meaning° _-q/ NThe meaning of the statute must, in the first
 instance, be sought in language in which the [A3ct is framed and,
 if . . _piain_ _ _ _ the sole function of the court . . _ isto
 enforce_[the statute] according to its termso "_I/ Indeed_ one
 who questions the appropriateness of this rule must demonstrate
 ...._ either some obvious inconsistency with o_iher sections of the Act
 or that the meaning of the provision is repugnant to the general
 purpose of the Act or to other subsequent statutes. _/ If the
 plain meaning of a statute coincides with the legislative
 history, that intent is law. 3_3/
 _he phrase _currently accepted medical use in treatment
 in the United States _ contains three key components. Firstt the
 standard focuses on _treatment _ or the heart of medical practice.
 In doing so, it places primary emphasis upon the relationship
 _ between the patient and his/her doctor _- Joe., the treatment
 decision_ Indeed_ the patient _- the ultimate mend-userU of a
 2_/ _ChevroD_Q_S.A°_yqo NaturalRe_eS_/_e_ense_, 467
 _" U.S° 837,.843 no9 (1984) (if congressional intent on the point is
 found, it is law and must be given effect). See _
 Cardoza_F0nsegqa _ 107 S_ Ct. 1207, 1221 (1987).
 _/ Cam_.nettl v_ °
 _ 242 u.s. 470 (1917)
 3_/ singer, Sot_herland Stats Const. § 46_0! at 73-74 (4th ed.
 2U_/ V__ supra o
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