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 (3) The state of current scientific knowledge
 regarding the drug or other substance; [and]
 (6) What, if any, risk there is to the public
 healtho 19-/
 In 1970_ Congress placed marij_ana into Schedule I. 15J
 < At the same times pursuant to a political compromises Congress
 established a commission -- later known as the Schaefer
 Commission -- to investigates _nte_ _lJ_, whether marijuana's
 classification as a Schedule I dl_/g was appropriate. _/ In 1972_
 the Schaefer Commission recommended that marijuana be
 decriminalized and thus removed from scheduling altogether. !7/
 Among its many findings, the Schaefer Commission concluded
 #marijuana [has] important therapeutic properties which should be
 aggressively explored. #IS/ Unfortunatelyt the Nixon Administra-
 tion disavowed the conclusions of the Schaefer Commission and
 launched the so=called _War on Drugs. _I/_/
 Based upon the foregoing_ if marijuana has a "currently
 accepted medical use in treatment in the United States x or a
 #currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions # and,
 i__/ i_d. § 811(c)(3) and (6).
 15/ __do § 812(c). $e@ __q Affidavit of Alice OSLeary (ACT,
 Vol° I, tab 14) (hereinafter RAffidavit of Alice O'Leary_)_ _ 23°
 I__/ Affidavit of Alice O_Leary_ _ 25.
 /J_/ Id. at _ 29.
 1_8_f _d.
 i_./ /I_. at _ 30.

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