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 prescribed by [the Administrative Proced1_e Act]_ n_/ Proceedings
 for the issuance, amendment or repeal of such rules may be
 ..... _ initiated on the petition of any interested party. _/
 The Controlled Substances Act provides that a Schedule
 I drug (1) mhas a high potential for abuse, w (2) Whas no
 currently_accspted medical use in treatment in the United
 States_" and (3) #lack[s] . . . accepted safety o . _ under
 medical supervision. _-q/ A Schedule II drug (i) #has a high
 potential for abuser m (2) Whas a currently accepted medical use
 in treatment in the United States, or a _/rrently accepted
 medical use with severe restrictions, _ and (3) m[a]buse _ . _ may
 lead to severe psychological or physical dependence_ wll/
 In making findings with respec_ to scheduling, the
 Attorney General must consider eight factors. _2/ Since _abuse
 potential _ is not an issue in this proceeding, only three of
 these factors may be relevant. They are factors (2)e (3), and
 (6) which provide:
 (2) Scientific evidence of [the drug's]
 pharmacological effect, if known; I_/
 10/  8 2(b) (1).
 12/ Id.  811(C) o
 13/ _.  811(0)(2)o Congress was primarily interested in
 determining whether the drug was an hallucinogen. See H.R. 91-
 1444 at 35, 91st Cong., 2d Sesso (Sept. i0, 1970).

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