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 treatingmuscle spasticity. In the alte2_ative, since there is
 no known c_/e for this conditions marijuana has gained
 acceptance -- albeit with severe restrictions -- as a last-resort
 treatment when patients have not succeeded on other
 conventionally-prescribed drugs° Finally_ this brief will
 demonstrate that the medical community, for all three indica-
 tions, has overwhelmingly concluded that marijuana is safe under
 medical supervision°
 After discussions with all pa_=icipants_ Administrative
 Law Judge, Francis L. Youngt defined the issues as follows:
 Whether the marijuana plante considered as a
 whole, may lawfully be transferred from
 Schedule I to Schedule IX of the schedules
 established by the Controlled _ubstances Acts
 Subsidiary issues to be addressed are:
 io Whether the marijuana plant
 has a currently accepted
 medical use in trea_nent in
 the United States, or a
 currently accepted medical use
 with severe restrictions.
 2o Whether there is a lack of
 accepted safety for _se of the
 marijuana pi_t under medical
 supervision. _s
 It is stipulated for the purposes of this
 proceeding that:
 lo Marijuana has a high potential for abuse; and
 i/ $@@ Prehearing Ruling issued by Administrative Law Judge,
 Francis L. Young, March 2, 1987.

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