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 entire states rediscovered marijuana's unique medical properties°
 Slcwly, but inexorably_ marijuana again gained acceptance
 ...... T/Iroughout the medical community and society in general. Despite
 the opposition of the United States Goveznmsent and certain
 medical organizations_ caught up in the fear surrounding
 marijuanaSs widespread abuse by recreational users, cancer,
 glaucoma and multiple sclerosis patients_ their doctors and
 political representatives demanded that marijuana be made
 -'_ medically available to them.
 In 1972, the National Organization for the Reform of
 Marijuana Laws (#NORML w) petitioned the [)rug Enforcement
 Administration (_DEA _) to have marijuana reclassified as a
 Schedule II substance under the Comprehensive Drug Abuse
 Prevention and Control Act of 1970. Fourteen years later, public
 hearings were held before DEA. From Now_mber, i987, through
 February, 1988, public hearings were held to determine whether
 the medical community currently believes that marijuana has an
 accepted medical use in treatment. Fifty-eight witnesses,
 representing all facets of the United States medical community,
 offered testimony cn marijuana's medical utility° Many volumes
 ....... of exhibits, consisting of over five thousand pages, were also
 introduced into the record.
 This brief will demonstrate that the medical community
 overwhelmingly accepts marijuana as medicine in the treatment of
 nausea, resulting from chemotherapy_ and in the treatment of
 glaucoma. Second, although it is a closer question, marijuana
 '_ ..... has gained acceptance in the medical cc_nunity as a means of

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