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 Federal Register / VoL 53, No. 34 / Monday, February _o t988 / Rules and Regulations 515__9
 Datc_ Ft:hma_/"_ 't_ {48 FR 1_7_-t_89)o Subsequent actions specific formula for computing penalty
 |olin G LawL concerning the Alaska program and assessments. Subsection (a) of I%1 AAC
 Admi#/#trater. amendments to the program are 90.627 is amended by adding language
 [FR Do_ _3801 Filed 2-19-g8:8:45 _mJ identi_ed at 30 CFR 90_A6o [hilt grants the operator an opportunity
 to request an informal meeting with the
 ¢oo= _,oo,.= IL Di_usslon of IAropo_d Amendmor|_ State to discsss the facts surrounding
 O_ March _ 1987, by letter dated the alleged violation. Subsection (b) of
 OEP. ARTMENT OF THE |HTER_OR February 24° %9_F, OSMRE received a this section has also been revised to
 proposed amendment from the State of extend the time within which the
 Offi©e Of Surface Minlng Reclamstlofs A_askao By notice published in the May Commissioner must render a decision
 _force_'t_nt 1,_ 1987 Federal ReCision the Assistant and propose a penalty from 20 days to
 Director, Western Field Operations_ 30 days;
 CFR Parf _2 announced receipt of this proposed
 amendment and requested public A:t/c/e .l_'onf/ict of Internal
 Approva_ of Amenclment to Alaska comment on its adequacy (52 FR ';7772L Section 90.75! is amended by
 Permanent Regulttto_ Prtli_rmm The comment pe_od closed ]une '11, replacing the reference to a specific
 ,_C_ Office of Surface Mining _9_+ Since no one requested a pubhc form, OSM Form 705.-'I. with a more
 Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE)o hear_n_ none was heldo _enera] reference to the °°required OSM
 The amendment revised eight articles f_nn,"
 Later[or. of Title 11o Chapter 90 of the Alaska'
 •C'r_ Fin_ rule. Administrative Code {AAC) a_ A_/c]e L%_Tr_ining, Examh_at/_n mad
 St_AR_ OSMRE is announcing the described below: CeCilcation of B/a_teas
 approval of a proposed umendmen_ to A_icle 4_Env/mnmento] Resource The February 24° %987 amendment
 the Alaska permanent regulatory information Requirements package includes a completely new
 progam [hereinafter referred to as the Article 15, which contains requirements
 Ahska program] received by OSMRE Subsection (b) of _1 AAC 90o0&_ is concerning the training° examination
 pursuant to [he Surface Mining Contrul amended by adding language that and certification of blasters, as required
 and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA}. allows registered professional land by 30 CFR 850.12(a) and 902.16{a)(I). As
 This amendment consists of surveyors to prepare end/or certify discussed in the May 12. 1987 Federal
 modification to eight articles of the certain maps, plaoviews and cross- Registe_ (5_ _ 17772L Alaska had
 Alaska regulations addressing the sections, previnusly submitted a blaster
 following areas: Environmental Article 5_-Bec/emation and Ope_etio._ certification program amendment on
 , Resource Information; Reclamation and Plan May 28, 1985 (50 FR 34863, August 28.
 Operation P|an: Performance Standards: 1985), which, on November 19, 1980. it
 Inspection and Enforcement: Conflict of Subsection (d) of I1 AAC 90.077 ts
 supplemented with a cooperative
 interest; Training. Examination and amended by adding language that
 agreement between the Department of
 Certification of Blasters: Abandoned allows registered professional land Natural Resources (DNR) and the
 Mines: and General Provisions= The surveyors to prepare and/or certify University of ALaska [52 FR 4630.
 Federal rules at 30 CFR Part 9_ certain maps, planviews and cross° February 13, 1987}o
 codifying decisions concerning the sections. The February 24. "1987 submission
 Alaska program are being amer_ded to Article _Pefforrn_nce Standings contained regulations replacing those
 implement this action. This final rule is
 being made effective immediately to Paragraph (a)[3) of 11 AAC _.331 is originally submitted on May 28. 1985. At
 expedite the State program amendment amended by adding ianguaae that the time of the February 24. 1987
 process and to encourage States to bring requires sedimentation ponds to provide submissiorL OSMRE had not yet
 their programs into conformance with sediment storage volume and detention completed processing of the original
 : the Federal standards without undue lime sufficient to meet applicable blaster certification amendment.
 delay° Consistency of State and Federal Federal effluent limitations and water Therefore. the Director is combining the
 standards is required by SMCRA. qua$ity standards as well aa State March gEL !985 amendment and all
 standards, related modifications with the February
 :_ _'_Trv_ O_T¢ February 22, _988. Subsection (f} of %_ AAC 90,4_1 is _40 1987 amendment and is addressing
 FDR FU_'H_ ImgOSM&T_ONt ¢O_T_Y_ amended by replacing an incorrect both in this notice°
 Mro _erry R. Ennis, Director, Casper Field reference to subsection (d) with the Article la.--Abandoned Mines
 , Office° Office of Surface Mining correct reference to subsection {e).
 Reclamation and EnforcemenL 106 Fast To accommodate the addition of the
 "B" Street; Room 2'!28, Casper, Article _2_/nspection and Enforcement blaster training, examination and
 Wyoming 8g0_r/.-l_g: Telephot_e: [307) Section _,S0.1 is amended by making certification regulations at Article 15.
 _5_7_ miner editorial revisions to subsect*ons _ha State has redes[geared the previous
 _t,lL_rrA_v t_o_m_v_om: (d), (e) and (_ and by adding a new contents of Article 15 as ArticIe IS. The
 paragraph (g}, which addresses article, which concerns the abandoned
 L Background o_ _e Alaska lh'_gram inspection frequency requirements fez mine land recMmation program° is
 On May 2_ 19833, the Secretary of the those operations that have temporarily otherwise unchanged.
 Interior approved the Alaska program, ceased operation or have met the Pha_e Article _7_eneml Provisions
 In/errant[on pertinent to the general IX (revegetation) hoed release
 background, revisions and amendments requirements of A_a_ka Statutes (AS) The contents of this article, previously
 to the Alaska program submission, as 37.ZI.17_ (c)(2) and (d). known as Article 18, have been
 well as the Secretary's findings and the Section 90.e25 ts amended by delett:ng redesignated as Article 17, but, except
 disposition of comments, can be found all ezisting provisions and replacing for minor revisions to 11 AAC 90,907 (d)
 in the March 23, 1983 Federal Register them with language establishing a and (g), remain otherwise unchanged.

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