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 36560 F_iem| Resister / VoL SL No. I_ / Tuesday, October 14, 19_ / Rules and Regu|afion8
 constde_d under the Resu_ato_j CoMMrrTEE FOR PURCHASE _|OM Connecticut Avenue, NW., Washinst_._
 F1exibi_y Act (Pub. L. 96-.,_). 'This THE BL|ND AND OTHER SEVERELY DC 20235_ Observer retention requests
 action invo|ves the comrol of a HAHD|CAPPED should be made to _Co Futlerton_
 substsnce wi_ no _r_endy epproved Reg|onal Director, Southwest Re#on.
 medical ass or manufacture in the ,¢'_ CFFI P_ _1®$ NMFS_ 300 South Ferry StreeL Termine_
 United Stateso ]slan_ California 90731,
 Zn ac_rdance with the provisions of Appflc_t_o_ of Priofltles _ A_,s_m_n_ t_o_ Pe_'_,t_ _o_'_0_ cowzat_
 section 20_(e} of the ConiroIled of C,_vmtc_d[_ E.C. Ful|errlon, Director, NMFS,
 Substances Act (2_I UoS.C 51_(al), this AGStqCW. Committee for Purchase _rom Southwest Region at (2_3} 51dF._1_o
 scheduling action is a formal r_|em_i_ the Blind and Other Severely Requests for future obsewer placement
 "on the record after opportunity for a Hand_cappesL should be made to the Tuna/P_rpoise
 hearing7 Such p_ceedings are Aclqo_¢ Final ru|_ correcfio_L Management Branch at (519) 293_S_o
 conducted pursuant to provtsior_ o_ _e _u_t_qrA_Y |_wO_ol¢ The
 Administrative Pro_dures Act, 5 U,S.C St_t_w_ This Ro{tce corrects the _a_ MMPA, a, amended in 1_if4, extended
 i 556 and 557, and as such have beam rule i_ FR Do_ _.,_48 appea_n_ on the general permit issued to the
 exempted from the consultation page 34_8 in the issue of September _0 American Tunaboet Association in I_
 requirements of F2¢ecutive Order 1_ _988_ On page 3,1_SO10 thL_d column_ § 51_ which limited to _,500 porpoise the
 (_ FR 131_). 3.3{c), l_e ag, insert the word "ha£' number that may be killed incidentally
 after the word ++Committee'++
 of Subj_ in _ CFR P_xt _ in UoSo tuns purse seining operations
 FO_ FURTHER INFO_£T_O[_ ¢_&_ dLLt_ng any year.
 Administtrstive practice and Mr. C.W, Fletcher. Executive Dire.trot, The _ estimates, based on
 procedure0 Drug traffic control, (_02) _?-11,_. mpor_ from onboard observers and
 : Narcotics Prescription d_ugso Cow+ Fls_cho_+ usln_ the method published in the
 Under the aathority vested in the _cutiv_ Directon Federal R_s_ on May _, 19770 that th_
 Atto_ey General by section _01(a) of {FR Doc. _-Z311S Fi|vd _I0,_; 8_S _rnj number of porpoise killed incidentally i_
 the Controlled Substances Act (_'1 U.S.C. m_ _ _,._ the U.S. tuna purse seine fishery will
 8'hi(a)) and delegated to the reach the quota by the effective date.
 Administrator _f _e Drug Enfo_ement =---_---+-=
 Regulations governing the taking o_
 Administration by regulations of the D_RRTWIENT OF CO_RC_ marine mammals incidental to
 Department of Justice, 28 CFR 0o100(b). commercial fishing operations (_0 CF_
 the Administrator hereby orders that Na_on_ _eml_ gad Atm¢_i:_© 216.24) require that all tuna fishing
 Pars 1308. Title 21, Code o_ Federal A_i_i_tt_t_ aaeoclatsd with porpoise cease seven
 Regulations. be amended a+ follows: days after the publication of this notice,
 CFR _'t _ Therefore, beginning at 0001 hours loce_
 .PART 1305_HED_L_$ OF' time. October 21. tgg_, UoS.+fla 8 purse
 CO_TROLJ._D SUBSTANCES |_t _ $tt_._J_ seine vessels ere prohibited from aetti_
 [AMENDED] Tat_g s_d |m_t_:n@ @f M_r_l_ nets around porpoise° Restrictions on
 L The s_thoriiy citation'_or Pa_ I_ _mm_|= the catching, possessing and landing (5_
 CFR _'I_.24(a){4)) and importing (_ CFI_
 continues to read ss follows: ae_W National Marine Fi+hefle_ _a_.2_(e)($)) of yellowfin and bigoye
 Ast_dty_ _ U+5.C _lL Sx_, s_l(b), nervier (NMFFS), NOAA, Comme_:_o tuna which were published on
 a_7_ Notice of closure. September I5. 1986 (el FR 32788L .
 Section 1308._ is amended by become effective on the day porpoise
 redestgnstin$ the existing paragraphs gummAmv: The Secretary of Commerce fishing is prohibited. The porpoise+
 (d)(7} through (d)[24} aa (d]_8] through announcer the p_ohibition o_ the f_rther fishing prohibition will remain in effect
 (d)(_._ and adding e new paragraph take of po_oise in the U.So tuna _shery until 0001 hours local time January I,
 (d)(7] as follows: in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean 1987 when the next year's porpoise
 beginning at _ houre tocei time, quota becomes available, import
 I_._ _e i, October _I019,88. to ensure that the restr_ctlons remain in effect until 900_
 + .... aggregate porpoise mortality quota is hours. _uly _+ 1987.
 : (d) ° + + not exceeded_ The NOAA Assistant Vessels at sea with observer_ placed
 (7_ 3.4- Administrator for FisheHee has by the N_FS or the Inter-American
 methylen_dioxymethamphstamine determined that fl'le g0,SO0 porpoi_.e Tropical Tuna Commission must retur_+_
 (MDMA]. 7_5 quota established by the Marine the observer directly _o an approved
 "°° Mammal 1:h'otection Act (MMPA) will be port at no cost to the government, ur_]_::
 ° * + " +
 reached on that date. the vessel managing owner or other
 3. Section I_0_._ is amerMed by _ Pt_hiblt_on on the tare of euthoriz_i agent requests _n writing t_+:
 removing paragraph (g)(l] sod porpoise by U.S_oflag tuna purse s,eine the observer remain onboard for the
 redesignatlng the existing paragraphs vessels is effective at 0001 hc_2tre focal remainder of the trip to verify that the
 (g}(2] through _)(_2) as (g)(1) thm_h time° October _!0 _ until _ hours vessel does not set Its net around
 _g]_1!). local time, ]_nua_ 10 1_7o Comm+_nts porpoise after this closure is effective
 • • * * * on dxl_ notice will be to,mired until (see Addresses). Approved ports for
 Dared: October ¢ _ October _ _05_L r_turning observers include any U.S.
 |_b,a C. L_ _t_ Comments may be mailed port and the follewing foreign ports:
 AdmiMstret_ to Robert _o Brumsted, Acting Director0 Mazatlsn, Me_ico: Acapulco, Ms.co:
 IFl_ Doc. _+-_ Filed 1_'I_ _ ant] O_e of Protected Species and ttsbttat Puntarenas. Costa Rice; and Balboa,
 C_nselwation, F/M_/NMFS, I_S Republic of Panama+ All observers

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