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 _J?S.i Federal Re_t_ / VoL _I_ No. 249 / Frki_w December _, _98g / Notices
 _|entinc and m_dic_t_ evab._t_on _ nationa_ acceptan_eo The Adtai_d_trato_ Leveled at the CC_verRment arid
 which It was reeommemled that feels t,ha_ in l_t of the pote_at risks communicated to the publ|c by the pro._
 m_riSuana rema_u _u Sch_ule I becau_ o_ decl_tu_ a d_Ag has _n accel_t_ marijuana partles, specifically NORML
 there is insui_clent scientific and medical use in treatment Ln the United snd ACT. These two organizations have
 medic_ evidence to conclude that States. he must a_ere _ the st_c_ f_eely raised the expectations of many
 marijuana i# a sate and effective _'_ standard that was established in the serlcuely il_ persons by claimLn_ that
 It _s clear Rom _e evidence p_eeented _MA proceedLng. It ie clear that the meJ_iuana has medical use_Lnes_ t_
 in this proceeding Lhat ma.diuana do_s evidence conclusively demons_'ate_ that treating emesis, glaucoma, spaet_city
 not have the _racterist_c_ of e drug rear, inane does not have sn accepted and other illnesses. Thes_ statements
 which has an "accepted medical use h_ medic_ use _n _,eatment in the United have probably caused _nany people w_:_
 _z'ea_ment Lt the United Smtea." Because S_tes or a_ accepted medi_l use with serious diseases to axperh_en_ with
 of the complex composition of severe resections, marijuana to the descent of their o_
 marijuana, containing cyst 40_ separate The A_i_inis_rator's star_dArd for hea|th, without proper medical
 constituents (many of which have not "accepted safety [or us@ * * * _nder supervision, and without knowins_abo_ _
 been tested} varying _ro_ plant to plants me_ca_ supervision" was also _:tated in the serious ,ida effects which _moklng
 the chemistry, teleology _d the second tvfDI_IA final _le publ_shed or Ln_seting _a_juana may cau_eo Ths_
 pharmacology of marijuana _ not on February _ 1sea. s3 FR SlS_ The _ not the Dark Age_ The Congress, _,
 established. As discussed pr_ously, tes_ for det_rmlni_ accepted _s_e_y of well as the medical comrauni_y, hoe
 the effectiveness of mariiuana has hog a dry 8 were staled a_ follows: accepted that drugs should nnt be
 been documented in humane with The _t ˘_qui_ment L_ de_n_n$ safety available to the public un_es_ _hey _x_
 _ientifica[|yodesigned clinical tria]_ of a substance i_ _ba_ the dbern|stzy of the _ound by sci_.mtific studies to be
 While many indiv_dual_ have used subs_asce _aust _ k_ow_ em_ _p_d_ble. effective and safe. To do otherwise is t_,
 marliuana and c._aim that it is effective The next _e? _ to c_nduc_ a_.t_i _ici_ jeopardize the American pub_ico end
 in treating their ailments, these studiez _o _h_w that the substance _i_l not take advantage of despera rely i_l peop_
 p_duce trreve_Ible her to o_an_ a_ who will try anythh_ _o alleviate theL_
 testimonials do not rise to the level of pro_sed human do_o LLmit_d c_Ica_ tH_l_ s_fering. The Admin_str3 for strong}y
 _entific e_ddenceo Mariiuana _s may theft b_ imt_eed_ but they mu_ be
 available from the Federal Government car_f_y controlled so _hat adverse effaces t_rges the American public not to
 to those rese_chere who_obta_n proper can be monitored and si_d_e_ t˘_n_mted if experiment with a potential_y
 licensure. However, the e_denca necessary _ ® * _e_e_y _ humane l_ dangerous, mLnd-alterin_ drug such as
 suggests that on|y small numbers of evslue_e_d as a rink/benefit ratio for a _pesiflc mar_iuana in an attempt to treat a
 researchers and physicia_ have u_e, _ FR s_ serinus illness or condition. Scientific
 chromed marijuana for _is purpose,._md It is clear that marijuana c_ot meet end medical researchers are workizz_
 that _oma research p_gzems spo_ored the _teria set forth above for s_de_ tirelessly to develop _'eatments and
 by states had _uble 8e_ttng physlci_ns under medical super_dsion, The drugs to treat these diseases and
 : to part_clpate. The vast majority of d_enfls_ of mar_|uana is not know_a conditions° As expressed in the recor_
 physidans do not accept marijuana se and reproducible. The record supports a treatments for emesls (causes and
 havi_ a me_csl use+ Me,Hju_na is not finding that mar_laana plant ma1:eHal is vozniting] associated with cancer
 recognized a_ medicine in generally variable f_rom plant to plash The_ chemotherapy have advanced
 accepted phar_acopeia, medJc_ quantities of the active constituent, the sigr_flcantly in the last ten yeareo Rece_:_
 references, joumal_ or textbooks. A_ car_._btnotds, vary considerably. _ studies have shown an over 90 pe_cen_
 evidenced by e_p_ phys_ ad_t_o_ the act_on_ and potemJed ticks rate of effectiveness for the new
 testimony and the statements of many of several of the cannabinolds hsv_ not antiemetic drubs and therapies. NOIa,I_._
 professional mediced and research been sh_dled. A.rdmel toxicity studies and ACT have attempted to perpetrate _:
 organizations, mari}u_na _a _ot accepted with n_ri_uana show _ever_d potential dangerous and cruel hoax on _e
 by organized medicine or a substantial risks or hazards of ma_q_uana usa, Amsrice._ public by claimir4_ mariluaa_
 segment of the physician popu_atlon_ especially when the marijuana _ has cu_ently accepted medics| uses.
 The administrative law judge's stockade These hazards have noL been The Administrator again emphasizes
 conclusion that a °°respectable minerity" evaluated against the benefl_ or that there is insufficient medical and
 of physicians is a_ that ie nacessa_ _o effectiveness of the drug. T_ _s due° in scientific evidence to support a
 establish accepted medical _e in _p,eat parL to _he fan that mariluana'e coonc,lusinn that marijuana has an
 treatment in the United States is effectivense_ in treatin8 specific _cal accepted medical use for Vestment o_
 pteposte_us, By placLn8 _ substance _ cond!tlona has not been est_b_shed by any condition or that it ia safe for usa,
 Schedule IL the Ada:dnie_ator, and reliable s_entiflc studies. _h_ce _ proper even under medical super_dsion.
 Lb_ough him, the Federal Gove_anL risk/benefit ratio cannot b_ n_ada, the B_eed upon the evidence tR the _ecor,
 establishes a national standard for d_ safety of maH|ueaa for medical nee and the conclusions discussed
 usso Us_r_ the same criteria as mental cannot be demonstrated. SuM l_r_k of previously, the Administrator, under the
 malpractice cases to detezn_dne a _formafio_ is the basis for the _|o_tty authority vested in the Attorney Cen_r_:_
 nations[ standard of mescal acceptance of the msdic_ sod scientific c_unity, by sectinn _JYA(a) of the Controlled
 le untenable. It muet be tecogni_ed that aad the Food _d Drv_ Admlniatratlo_ _ubetan_e Act (_I U.S.C 811(a)} end
 evew pmfesslon, _ud.L_ the c_ndu_i_ that meu_juema does :tot We delegated to the A&_nintstrator of the
 " _© # d e • ee
 medical and _cientLqc commuzdt_, th_ accep,e safety for u_e under Drug F.nto_cement Admin._st_aflon by
 are those that deviate from tha accepted medical super_sto_" The regulations of the Department o_ _us_:_
 practices ot the professio:_ These Adminis_'ator. therefore, condu˘|es that _ CFR 0,100(b), hereby orders that
 deviations may be the begLRz_,_ et ne_t_ mar_lu_na lacks _accepted _a_ety for use _uena remain a Schedule
 revolutionary treatments er they may be "* * rudder medical superv_aio_" cohered substance as listed Lu _ CF_:
 relected as quackez_j. The opizdo_ of /_ a _a[ note, the A_nA_s_tor 130_.II{d)(1_I}.
 those few physlcleme and _clentis_ cur expresses hie di_ple_ure at the Thls o_e_ is effective December _,
 not au_l_ant to _eat_ a _Lnd.L_ of _eadl_ a_at_ons _nd _oncl_io_ _S_.

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