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 53_P82 Federal Raster / VoL M, No. 249 / Friday, December 2g, 198g / Notices
 before and attar 47 to _ days of d_y die each year fr_m invaalve aspex_uso ed_flve to the aging process. Therefore,
 emoldng of approximately five cigarettes Aspergil]us was cultured _ccn samples chro_c marijuana use could result in
 per day. The study concluded that very of marijuana _om patients who serious or premature memory disorde_eo
 heavy smelting for only six to eight developed L_vasive pulmonary asd The results of these studies are now
 weeks caused mild but significant al|er˘_c br_nchopulmonary asperg_us, being confirmecL
 airway obstruction, ]n addition, a _tudy The data supports the theory that _o Animal studies and some h_en
 of heavy hashish (a crude smokable marijuana smok/ng dvxing perlo_J of st_dlea have found that in males, sperm
 preparation of cannabis resin) users Immunosuppresslon (as du_ng caveat" connt and motility are decreased during
 revealed a high Incldence of chemotherapy}, may lead to h_.tec':ion_ cam_ab_ use. In female anirnals_ THC
 bronchopuhnonary consequences. Therefor, because of its own suppresses the secretion of luteinizing
 inchiding chror_c bronchi_so chro_c hnmunosuppression properties, and ite hormone, Prolonged suppression would
 cough, and mucosa| changes of pr_pemdty for causlng infec_on_ _n eventually lower gonadal steroid levels,
 squamotm metaplaa_a (a precancerous Immunosuppreaaed Individual, Whether these changes have any effect
 change). Chronic smoking can also marijuana emo_Lng may be on human sexual function and fertility i_i_
 result in emphysema, cuntrsind_c_ted in c_c_ chemoflwrapy _ot yet knows
 " _1. Regular and frequent marijuana pa_ent_ 97. In addition to the known and
 smoki_ causes preneopla_tic char_ea 93, Stu_es conducted With _espect to suspected health risks associated with
 in airways _imiler to those produced by passive _halstion of heavy ma_djuana marijuana use. there is also evidence _:
 smoking tobacco, Marijuana smoke does smoke demonstrate that passive suggest that tolerance to its therapeutic
 .... ! not contain nicotine; but like tobacco, it L_haIation of a substan_iat amount: _f effects also develops.
 does have an equally complex aerosol of sldestream marijuana can produce 98. The National Academy of Scie_ae_
 particles in a vapor phase that form a _ubiect_ve effects, plasma levels of THC found that the dose of mariiuana
 tar mixture. The mixture contains many and urinary cannab_nsid metabolltes, in necessary to produce a therapeutic
 of thesame hydrocarbons contained _ ssb_e_ts _imflar to those found a_ter the benefit la oRen close to one that
 tobacco tars which are thought to ba smo_.l_ of marijuana. The researchers produces an unacceptable frequency o_
 associated with cancer cau_ation, concluded that with su_cient time and _oxic side effects.
 Marijuana also contaL_s more tar than high m_ri_uana smoke conditions, it _o The severity and frequency of
 tobacco cigarettes. Animal studies using becomes difficult to _stingu_sh between negative side effects experienced from
 smoked marijuana have documented the active smoking and passive inhalation, marijuana smoking exceed those caused
 growth of precancerous ce_l_ aRer _0 0_o _a_ju_a has also produced by accepted medications used to _eat
 months. Dr. C. L_uchtenber_er, a genetic and non-genetic birth defects in 8laucoma, emesis and Mtdtiple Sclerosis
 professor at the Swiss Ins_tute for many animal species. Pure THC ie _ot and spasti_iWo
 Experimental Cancer Research, noted thought to produce perm_t 100. _uee of Its unacceptable side
 that exposure of human lung explants t_ alterations of _enes in cells studied to ,effects and undetermined therapeutic
 fresh mariisana or tobacco c_arstt˘ date, but _ther components of can:.:abi_ utilitty, smoked marijuana is not
 smoke evoked abnormalities in DNA smoke can cause such _utatiOn_o When recomzn_nded for the trea_r_ent o_
 synthesi_ mitosis, and _Towth with animals o_ one generation were exposed glaucoma, emesis, Multiple Sclerosis
 consequent genetic disturb_ce$ that to ca_abis smoke du_ng pregnancy, and spustici_, epileptic seizures an_
 may lead to malignant _'_nsformatiom birth defects were found _ the third convulsion/s, asthma, appetite loss or
 The abnormalities w_ more 8eneraL_o_ su_esL_ng that s 8ene anorexia, alcoholism and drag abuse_
 pronounced following exposure to change had bean _u_smitted through pa_ and inflammation, _Jdety,
 ma_iuana than to tobacco s_noke. These second generation _imals which wen _eom.nia, migraine headaches,
 findings were later confirmed in a only _posed to c_rmabia emoEa prior to hypertension_ depreesior_ irJections or
 _imLlar study, Mariiu_na smoke also birth. Cannabis smoke has been related tumors.
 contains benzene, a substar_ce to the increased numbers of early fetal
 associated with leukemia, and 2- deaths, decreased fetal weight, end
 amlnonapthalene, which causes bladder increased death rate st birth _n study The Ad,ministrator finds that the
 cancer, animals. Although there have been some administrative law judge failed to act e_
 02. Recent evidence also indicates cases reported of deformed bablee being an impartial fudge in if'de matter. He
 that marijuana can depress an born to ma_uana smelting mothers, no appears to have ignored the scientlflo
 indi_dual's immune function. The causal links can be made baaed up_ evidence, ignored the testimony of
 immune system's aensiflvIW to the limited ev|denco. Further human highly.credible and recognized medical
 mafliuana depends on the csnnab_otd research le necessary to establish or rule experts and, instead, relied on the
 compound and varies _nor_ fmmuna oat such effects. Based upon C_e testLmony ot peyrAiatrisL_ end
 cell types, In addition to the wzious |nsu_ficient and _con_usive research in L_c_v_dua_s who used mariiuana_ The
 ean_abinoids, bacteria present in the this area, pz_8_ant women and those admL_istraflve law judge relied heavily
 plant material can further affect the w_th _sl fertility may be at ri_k in on anecdotal accounts of mariluana u_
 L_tmune func_on. A number of _zt_cxobial smok.ing msriju_n˘ even at moderate by both physicians and seriously fll
 contamLnants have been isolated f_om levels, person The admir_strative law ]udse'_
 marijuana samples, _cluding pathoge_d˘ 9_. Chro_c ma_uana see may also findir_s of fact i_nored any evidence
 aspergfllu_, K/ebsie//a pneumou/ce, have a toxic effect on the human b_iR. presented by the Government. For
 E_rbac_e_ _gg/omeFcm_, your D Pr_l_r_ery studies _d_cate that THC example, in his findings regarding
 strepto˘oceue, _n_e_boc_r cloaca, ch_J_ses the way ee_o_ informat_ _ m_rituana and nausea an_ vomiting
 8ac//Jua sp. and satmoneUa snteritiao 8eta into and ie acted on by the associated with chemotherapy, Judge
 The bacteria were found in both licit htppocs_pus. Chro_a _po_ure Young cites many of the physicians
 and illicit supplies of metiJu_a. At the damages _L_d destroys nerve cells and presented by the pro-marijuana parties
 Memorial Sloan-Ketterlng C_cer causes other cba_t_es which _ze by name as accepting marijuana aa
 Center, it _ estimated that 80 paUen_ identical to normal _ng and may be "me_c_ly u_e_." Not unc_ in h_

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