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 Federal _ / VoL _, Nao _9 / Friday, December 29, 1989 / Notices 53T81
 apt|aNy to clet_nine its therapeutic L_omnia _tions. T_ere also _ _o f_w_ This _ e_cia|ly true with respect
 utility, sup_rt _ madjuana'e use a_ an to shro_c studies. Field studies in this
 7˘ Marijuana hat not been proven to antidepressant dxag. Nor is ther_ area are deficient, Most are too small _o
 be an effective appetite sthuulsnt, or _ficlent indication that msriiusn_ or detect unusual or rare consequences
 an_anorectic drug. Most studies have its constituents would be a useht_ which could be of great importance° In
 involved oral THC rather than medioed alternative in the treatment ct adder|an, only modest research has been
 ms, inane, ht a doubleblmd sandy hypertension, neoplasms (tumors}, conducted using healthy male
 employlb8 smoked maniuana, normal Infecction_ or m_ra_e headaches, volunteers; very limited studies have
 patients truing marijuana increa_d theiz _ One o_ the pr_Jnsry methods for been conducted using females, older
 _orio intake more than tho_ using _ determining whether a particular drug is _dividua|s, or persons in poor heahh.
 placebo, but the variabi_ was too safe for use under mescal supe_io:_ 'The studies using marijuana on healthy
 ...... great to draw any conclus_ozr_o Studies is to weigh its actus_ thexepeutic behest male volunteers lead to a biased
 employing THC have failed to against its nsga6ve or unintended side conclusion that the ˘_ru_ is safe wqthout
 ! demonstrate an appreciable appetite effects. A side effect is a pharn_aco|o_ properly evalsatlng the populationa at
 i sttmulath_ or antianorectic effects State ac_vlty other than the desired effects L_ nSko To eliminate any such bias and to
 i repo_s of cancer chemoth_apy patients the measurable therapeutic benefits of expand our knowledge of the chron_
 i _iv_ either synthetic THC or the drug outweigh its negative effects, long-term effects of marijuana use,
 i marijuana have failed to support shy the drug _s 8enera_y considered safe _or sophisticated epidemiological studies of
 _aints of mari_uana°s appe_ts use ff the negative effects outweigh _e large populations, sir_ie_ to those
 _ stimulating properties. Severs/of the therapeutic beneRts, the drug is not conducted for alcohol as_ tobacco use,
 currently available ant|emetics have considered _fe for its intended use. must be done° It may take years of
 _ppet_te-stimu|atirt8 properties° With 84° L_ evaluating the negative side e_tez_sive research befors al_ of
 patients undergoir_ cancer e_fec_ of e drv_, several _ac_ors are marijuana'a dek_terious enacts become
 chemotherapy, controMr_ emesis takan into consideration. C,enera_y_ appar_aL
 generally e|iminates problems with initial animal stud_ea am conducted to _ The acute effects of mariiuana use
 anorexia or appetite loss. Ma_iu_na has determ,ine the dntg's tuxieity. An LD-_O are fairly well established. Mar_uana
 not been compared with currently t_ established (tha dose which causes smoking usually causes acute changes in
 available snt_emetics to evaluate its death _u _ pent sf the _imals theheart and circulation which ere
 appetite stimulating properties, tested). Factors oth_ than the _.L)-50 are characteristic of stress, inolu_n8 rapid
 79. There is no scientific or medics| also considered in detsrraini_ safety heart rate (tachyca_iia), orthos_atic
 indication that mariiuena is effective in and toxicity. Addi_onal hypotension, and _ncxsased blood •
 the treatment of either alcoholism or pha_aco|oglcal data is also needed_ conc_trations of csrboxyhemog|obin
 dru/_ addiction. Recent studies now hudu_n_ the dzug's bioavai_ab_ty0 hemoglobin combined with c_bon
 demonstrate that abuse of mariiuana metabolic pathways and mono_de}o Therefore° the drug is not
 and alcohol are frequently combined. In pharmacokineticz_ Acut_ and chronic ingested fo_r persons who su_er f_o_
 addition, animal studies present no tes_izt_ must be conducted first in csrd_ovas_ular problems inolud_ug
 evidence that marijuana is more an_nals, than in _um_USo
 effective than currendy a_ai_ab_e _,,5o Most phaz_ae_l_gical research angina, co_s_ heart failure, and
 ar_eriosc_e_et_ In add_tion_ acute
 treetmeuts for 

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