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 53780 F_ Rs_iJ_ / VoL _0 No, _9 / F_day0 December _, 19aS I Notic˘_
 we_kne_ tln_8, numbness, impalred Dearest and Y_ To Troung _po_tsd the not been proven Co have _ accepted
 s_eatiom lack of coordinstiom _stdt_ of a _ay study in which they medical _e in the _atm_t of
 d_sturb_n_s is equflibzism_ doubts sdsd_dste_d o_ s_thetlc THC to five spasticfly0 nox has it been proven to be
 visior_ loss of vision, LuvohmtaPt rapid sp_tic+patien_ They concluded that safe under medical supervisiOno Dr.
 eye movement, slurred speed, tremors, two patients expcrlenced si_ific_n_ Dams Pet_. a wi_ese for ACT.
 stiffness0 spaeticity (involuntary and reductions in stretch rssist_ce and concluded _ his synthe_c THC study
 abnormsd connections of _u_c|e or _eflex acfi_i_j; aug one patient that "rssearr,h needs to cover e lager
 _us_e fiber_]0 we_es_ ot _._bs. Withdraw from the _tudy because of and better controlled sample befo_ s.uy
 sexual dysfunction par_y_i_ aud ne_atlve smo6ona_ side effects° _ defmitlve statement would be possible."
 impaired bladder end bowel _unctlon_o another abstracL R, S_dyk0 P. Con_ros_ _o Epilepsy involves the progressive
 Spesti_ty _an also _stdt _m eeriot_ L Stern and S. _ _{der, eva_ueted the recruitment of normal brain neurons _tc
 initudea to the spinal cords not _lated to effects of r_bidioI {e _io_ none rhythmic sad then high _requen_
 MS_ The effects of MS ere _po_c _ psychoactive csR_abinoid o_ marijuana) bursting. With the ove_whelz_8 of
 most L_vidual_ and the _y_nptoms on _,h_ee patients suffs_ from )nbibitory rest_alnts, the pauses
 occ_˘ episodically, either _ge_d by Huntin_t_°s Disease (_ 9ro_essive between bur_s disappear and a_
 the ms|function of the news _npu_es or cenL_a] nervous ey_te_ disease replaced by torso high _uan_y fi_in_
 by external factors. _ecause o_ the charactsri_ed by muscular twiteh_n_ of _nd the seizure appears° A prominent
 _sri_biliW of sympton_ of _e _seus, _e l_bs or facial muscles), The f_t featurs of epilepsy is its episodic nature+
 MS _ d/fl_cult to detect and diaSnnse, week th_ noted _d improvement _ ?˘ There a_ no etudes of the effec_
 There m no known peev_tion or curs cho_˘ic movements. Further of crude msrij,ana on existing epi|eptic
 for M_ instead, there are only _provement was noted the _eco_d symptoms in man° Only survey and case,
 _a_ments for the symptom week _ _ised stable for ano_et report data az_ a_ab|e. L_ 1977_
 87° There _rs no pub_hed scientific two weeks, The orgy side affects Dennis _˘ Feenely zeported the _sults
 reports sr st_ which eva]ua_ observed were c_es of tr_ie_t0 _fld of his survey amo_ yot_g epilep_cs L_
 m_r_]usaa's effectiveness L_ t_atis_ hypoten$io_ the journal of the American MedicM
 spssticityo The only existing tnfozxna_iou OO. The_ _˘ no _p_te_ _cten_fic or Aseociati_n_ In that sway, yo_g
 regarding the use of mar_iusaa to _xaat medical strides which have compared epileptics were questioned about their
 the effects of MS or spasticity _ the effectiveness of marijuana, or its illicit use of mar_uana_ araphetamine,
 primarily anecdotal _ecdotsl derivatives, with conventions| LSD, barbiturate, cocaLue and herofln.
 i_ormation is only useful for providixt_ _rea_uzen_ for MS and spasttcity. TTher_ Most of the subjects reported that
 a be_is for conducfin_ cont_oUed is no L_c_cat/on that marijuana would be mari_u_na had no effect on their
 research with the dr_ to evaluate i_ mob effective or _fer _an currantly seizures, L_ additions one subject
 effectiveness. In order to sufficiently available treatments, Ln edison, reporte_l that has _.r_luana use reduced
 .ver_ that a dxu8 i_ efKecflv_ for t_s_ conventional dr_._a may reduce the frequency of seizures, while another
 MS or spasti_ty, double-bltn& spasticlbj With fewer side effects than subject claimed that mariiuana caused
 contro_ed studies must be conducted on ma_juanao him to have seizures. Also, published
 large _roups of perso_ . 70_ No lo_tenn dinlcsl _tuc]iea case reports indicate mari_uana's
 _o The only a_ud_es eveluath_ _he _ploytn8 mart|uans, or any of its conflicting properties of both reducisi_
 effect of cannabtnoid_ on MS and deriv_fives, have been conducted With and ˘_usir_ seizures. _thoush case
 spasti_ty employed _ynthe_c THC or respect to treating MS or spastic_ty, reports and surveys of th_s type _re not
 cannabic_oL These studies have been 71. The _on_-term safety of _Lu8 htghfy reliable sources of s_entific
 _iformly sm_dL and the data p_eented m_d_uana to teeat MS and _pa_tici_y has _orma_om they follow the COrLflictis8
 are insufficient to evaluate C_a nature yet to be estsblisheA Marliuena's ]ov_ pattern suggested in animal studies
 : .... and quality of control_ used. In 198'I, term effec_ on memory and intellecL _ts employing synthetic THCo
 Dry. Denis J. Petro and Carl _lenbe_er pulmon_xy effects, rlsl_ in pregnancy. :_S. Smoked maxdjuana has only been
 published the results of a iin_ited acute and to|era_co to the drug. are t_sted on experimental epilepsy in one
 study using synthetic THC That study unresolved. Sisce mari_u_una _ay have study. That study evaluated marfjua_na°_
 involved the acute admislstration of or_ uadeeh'able side effects at doses effect on salutes L_ five monsre_ dosso
 synthetic THC to nine MS pst_entso The nece_'_ to zsduce sphericity, the _se _tet chronic admhdstmtion of
 researchers noted that the spasticdty of m_.t_Ju_a for longotsrm treatment marijuana smoke, two of the five dose
 scores of four of the nine patients such a_ _ needed [o treat MS _u_d e_uhibited _rsnd msl convulsionso In a
 improved significantly after _he spas_oi_y would be worse than the _tudy iRvo|vL,_ the admLnis_ation of
 admi_strotion o_ the synthetic THC; one disease itJmlfo ma_juana smoke to normal mrs,
 patient L_proved after r_cei_ the 7_ None o_ the state reports "popcor_ convulsions" (involv_tary
 placebo; only two of th_ pa_ents who submitted _ th_a procee:lin_ radiate ve_cad _umpisg] were observed in _,_
 felt improved actual_y demonsttat_ that any _ta_e rematch with mariiuaua percent of the anfl00.sls after S to 9
 improvement hy obiecttve ct_te_i_ The was condscted with rasps:it to exposures to _e dm_.
 _G h_dex of spasticit_ _pastlcltyo The Nafion_ M_tip_e _6. Bec_u_ o_ its potenfia| _o h_duc˘
 {electromyo_raphy--e method o_ Sclerosis Society dos not advocate the conwJ_s_t _t_,Pes+ ma._]uana should
 meaaurlr_ tsflsx respon_e_ use d man,ulna to front spasticity not _e used by spilepflc_o
 neuromuscul_z _uno_an and con_o_ associated wi_ MSo _ edition, the _. C_naabidlol (CBD} has also been
 : and extent of nerve Iesio_] was _tsr_e_ion_d Federation of Multiple studied for its snticonvu/esnt _fects
 t_practioal L_ five of the _h'_e I_tiants. Scleros_ _c,lefles does not r_conm_e_d animals. C_D is neithar psychoactive
 The resesrche_ coRoluded _at _tzt_er msri_uana+s u_e is _'eath_,8 epes_cityo n_ convxtlsant_ Couc_usior_ dra_n_ _o_
 study should be conducted t_ deferrable AJso, noted neuro_osi_ts who _peciahze anima_ test_8 of th:Ls drY8 s_88est that
 the effecttvene_ of THC or o_ of its in tr_sOn8 _d co_duct_8 spaeti_ly CBD _howe pr__ _ an
 derivation in tt_t_8 sp_tic_Ityo _ _ _mmmrcb_ _udi_ _ Sflbsrrbe_ and anttco_ra]_anL _ _t i_ _e shoed
 _ IgSS abstr_c_t_ W. C H,_mi_ _ Johmm_ _ctuded tbet a_djusn_ has be _d_x_y is'_d_t_d in human

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