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 D UG PREW O  21 § 812
 D_en_ants w_ act @ati_ed t_ ba_d|_ _o_[ O_gan_ftZo_ fİz_ ne_o_,_n of MaH-
 phendi_e_ra_e u_d_ "_d_tb_ J_mn_ Laws (NORML_ vo ln_rsoZ_, 1974.
 _1 p_˘Lflon or to fl_ • _ew _˘lflon r_ w_at_ _a_ag_io_ Of au_ho_y wa_
 _k|n_ towa_ a _h_w_ h_ _z@ c_nt_o_ _us afffld_v_ts _n s_|_r_ of h|s mo_on to
 ˘_ns_,en˘ w_th t_,_y _hou_ have been Civil l_,e_u_, TIU_ _ o_ _h@ _round
 (a) There are e_]ished five schedules of controlled substances,
 to be _own as sch_ules I, II, IIL IV, and Y. Such schedules shall
 initially consist of _e substances listed in this section. The ached-
 ules established by this sec_o_ shall be updated and repubiished on
 a semiannual basis durLu_ _he two-year period beginning one year
 after October _7, 1970 and _hall be up_b_ted and :epublished on an
 annual basis _hereaf_r.
 (b) Except where control is required by UnRed $_es obligations
 under an international treaty, eonven_on, or pretoco|, in effect on
 October _7, 1970, and _cep_ in the e_e of an im_edia_e precursor,
 drug or other sub,lance _nay _ot be placed i_ any schedule unless
 the findings required for such schedule are ma_I_ with res_et, te
 such drug or other _ubs_ance. The findings requ_ed for each of the
 schedules _re _ fcllow_:
 (A) The dr_ or o_er substance has a high potential for

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