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 Fedora] R_,s_ / VoL 54, No. _9 / Friday, December 29, 19_ / HoUces S3?TT
 _ n r r i ._
 comparative study, and mt_hly less outps_en_o Carefully conducted _r_cal chemotherapy patients has waned as
 _0 patients in loosely ©on_zolled _a|s would be needed to demonstrate the availability of new, highly-eff_tive
 state studies, otherw_seo _n_temettcs has L_creased.
 38o Neither marijuana nor ora_ THC 4_ In edition to not being ss 46, Patient _terest _ using marijuana
 has been demonstrated to be an efffectlve or more e_ec_ve thaa to _eat amesie caused by chemotherapy
 effective an_emetic for paUen_ currenfly-ava_able an_ame_cs, the use has also declined in recent years.
 receiv_n_ radia_on therapy° lu a THC of smoked _riJu_a in the treatment of _7_ The ontological community does
 study conducted at UCLA, Dr_ emesls in career p_tJents has s_flcan_ not co:solder manjuana to have currently
 Ungarleider concluded that oral THC _xawbacks. A_ a psychoactive accepted med_ca[ use in the United
 , was o_y s]i_tly more effective than substance, nnsr_jua_e causes anxiety States _or the treatment of emesis
 Compazine in centre[ling emesis caused end panic in inexperienced user_ caused by cancer chemotherapy. In
 ..... _ by radia_on therapy° No sra_es Marijoana smoklr_ also caused _ausas edd_tior_ David Ett_ger, M.D. Richard
 evaluating mariJuana's effectiveness in and vomiting In _cme patients, _n_ left Crs[la, M.Doo and _ohn Lasz_o, M.Do,
 ! _is area were introduced dung th_ts ea uaplea_t resldued taste. _ecause each a _ghIy respected oncologist and
 p_oceed_g, tac._yca_a and orthostatt_ hypotens[oa a_tiemetic researcher who has treated
 i _7. Since the advent of the newo hi_.ly are negative side effects of merijuan_ numerous patients and conducted
 effective antlemetloa, few cancer smoking, it _hould not be sdmir_stared extensive research with various
 chemotherapy patients discontinue to patients _th heart problems such as ca_nabinoids and highly effective
 treatment as a _esuh o_ nacaea and artariosclerotts heart d_seas_ and an_lemetics, have concluded that based
 .... vomlting, ar_dna. Msrijuana smoking can also upon their research sad knowledge o_
 38o Although the newer ant_emetice [sad to pulmonatw problems _r_udL_g the field, mar_|uana does not have a
 and then combinations have been bronchi_s and emphysema° M_u_u_na ts currently accepted medical use in the
 shown to b_ highly effective [n _atin8 a crude plant mat_ria_ which conta_as United States for the treatment of
 emesis, even in conjunction with pathogenic bacteria that could prove emesis caused by cancer chemotherapy,
 chemotherapy treatments known to harmful _o Immuno_ompron_sed "
 nor has it been proven safe for use
 produce severe nausea and vom_tln_ in patients with various cancers or trader medical supervision.
 most patients, a sma_ number of [eugenics. The can_abinold_ prese_ in 4_ The Arnsrican Cancer Society has
 patients are refractory to all ent_emetlc marijuana can further suppress the concluded that insufficient research has
 treatment, There i_ no scientific or immune _ncti_ns of individuals whose been conducted to advocate that
 medlca_ reason to believe that pa_tlent_ _mmune _ysten_s are already severely mariiuana be used as an antiemetic for
 who do not respond wen to currently- compromised by chemotherapeutic chemotherapy patients°
 available antiemetics would respond agents Also, few patients can tolerate 40° _ its _,_ repo_ the Nations[
 any better after smoking marijuanas The marijuana smold_._o In fsct. in the state Academy o_ Sciences did no_ make any
 only method to determine marijuana'_ programs employ_r_ madjuane, concluslona r_gard_ _ ma_ijuans's
 effectiveness for that purpose would be si_ficant numbers of pa_ent_ either
 to conduct controlled°double-blind _a|e switched from smelting to or_d THC eccepted medical use in the treatment of
 with the drug in that _roup of patronise capsules or withdrew _rem research emesis in canter chemotherapy patients.
 _. There is no sclentff_c or medical because they could not to|crate smckin8 The only con_usion made in the report
 suppo_ for the hypothesis that martluena. _n Dr, U_srlalder's study was _at marl_uana's antiemeti_
 marijuana or any of the canasblnolc_ t_v_]v_ I0 bone marrow _ansplant propertles ware Iss_ established than
 those o_ synthetic THe.
 : _ effective in treat_ emssis _ patients, tl_e dropped out'of the study
 chi|dr_n receivi_ chemo_erapyo A_stn_ because they fotmd mari!uana smoki_ SO, The American _e_ca|
 Association has concluded that
 only centre[Zeal trials comparLng to be undeeirab|e, ev_ though at the
 marijuana to other available an_ametlcs time of the study_ no other aatiemet_c_ mar_|uana does not have a currently
 could support that contention, No such were available to them. in add_tlo_ accepted me_ca] use in the United
 trials have been conducted as o_ this because of the _sak of stam_.rd,L_aL_on o_ States for the trea_ent of emesis
 LLme. the d,_ and var_d_ _otd_ caused by cancer chemotherapy, nor has
 40. Smoking as s mute of _ec.lm_quee, then is a _b[em with it been _mv_n to be safe for u_ under
 admLu_stratlen for ant_emeti_ has not bloavai_abillty _nd r_pmduclbillty of an me_ca] supervision°
 been demonstrated to be more acL_istered done of _e dry. _ the _. Glaucoma _s a term which
 advantageous than _trevenous or oral dose [s not constant _rom t_atment to describes a group of chronic o_uler
 administration. The _a_d advantage treatmant_ the patlant may go diseases which cause an _¢rrease
 of self-tltrstion through smoking i_ orgy unpr_tec_e& _ntraoculer pressure that damages the
 a hl_psthesi_ and has not been _+ The comblnst$on of _rrently retina and optic nerve and can lead to
 scien_ficaily prsven_ In facts ors_ evsflab]e antiemetlc_ produce less _de sn eventual loss of vision. The most
 a&_nistration of antteme_ce Is h_gh_F effects _n _ each of the _u_s given common form of glaucoma is primary
 effective ff effective antiemeti_ are Indiv_duaUy. These ¢ombinatlons open-angle glaucoma _POAG). This form
 81verb Intravenous administration also is produce less slda effects than the of Slaucoma is caused by an obstz_ctio_
 _:dghly effec_ve, especially since most cax_ab_noi_ _udLr_ m_ri_uan_ In the pathways for fluid e_dt from the
 chemotherapy agents are Intravenously There is no sc_ent_o or mortal eye while fluid inflow continues
 admir_stered as well. stridence which demonstrates that unabated. A_ a resulh the pressure
 _. Currently evailsble antieme_os m_tr_]uana produces _ewer and less wit,_n the eye (_ntrao_u_ar press_e)
 ar_ also highly effective in outpa_nt severe side effe_t_ than the _uzrent_yo _eaaes beyond e level tolerated by
 care. Most patients can recelvs the availab|e antlemet_cs, the eye end can cause damage to the
 newer sneiemetics on an outpatient 44. Patient satisfaction with the ret_r_ and optic nerve°
 basle. There le no acientiflc or medlca_ combination antiemetlc therapy is 5_ Persons sttffer_ from glaucoma
 ma_on to conclude that mar_uan_ is _rester than that seen w_th mari_uanao have intraocula_ pressures which am
 batter-sulted than currently available 4So L_tsrest _ _e_zch u_z_ higher than their ayes can tolerate.
 snt_emeti_ in the t_etmsnt of _esie of msrlluana to t_at emes_ _a cemcer TTra_tionalJy, _aucoma was measured

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