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 Federal Regrl_er / VoL _, No. _9 / Friday, December _ Igeg / Notices 53_'_
 17. _e Caiffomla Resea_h Adv_o_ _s_ent or sa_sfactlo_ The p_e_ encoux_ine, further _alysis. morn data0
 PsueL a Ca_on_da goverarasnt a_ncy, reason for _riju_'s fetid aia and more research ere needed.
 sponsored the California Cannabis t_etment was the pstfen_' h_to_e_nce _ The July _983 Report of the S_a_e ef
 Therapeutic Releexch _a._ After _hx cf the _gsrettes. or fls feflure _o _prc, ve Tennessee program to evaluate
 years of ope_a_io_, _'om 19_9 to 1986, the n_ue_a e._d vo_ng, me_|_a_a end THC _n treatment of
 Reees_ch Advisory Purist fo_xzd that _.0. Of the 18_ L_d_vidua]s evaluated _ nausea and/or vomiting aeeoclated with
 ovJy 101 pa_en_ received 210 _he _c_ge_ Therapeutic Research cancer therapy indicates that 43 peL_e_t_
 treatments with ms_juane cisa_te_ Prvi_ct for the years 1_eO_Pa,_ 83 have bees en_ol_ed _ the progr_mo Of
 SLi$htly more then on_tJdrd of the rec_ved only mar_iuaneo Another 31 these. 27 were evMuated. The petien_
 _aLie_te received a second t_eaL_snt cf received _ar[_uana after _cehrL_ 8 e_o_ed in the program self, valuated
 _jue_e cig_ettes. Appro_dn_ately _ Torecan (a phe_oth_a_ne L_ the seJ_e the_ nausea and vomiting, appetite and
 p_reent of the pet_sut_ stopped u_Lu_ the runty e_ Co_pe_ne) during the same food Luta_e, physical _tate0 mood, h_gb.
 c_ga_tte$ either _:_cc,ause the c_$a_ttee trial The purpose of the _ _E_a] A} av._ dosages of the dr'age _ey received.
 were _effecflve, or the side effects were wee to evaluate the efficacy of Twe._W_ne (21} of the 27 pa_ents used
 too eaves _a_juana to _treI _usea _d _[uana c_garet_eao Nineteen (19} of
 18_ Approximately 250 |ndi_dua]e vomiting _n_uced by cancer h_e 2_ evaluated the cigarettes as
 received ms_uana and/or THC chemotherapeutic agents. _trty-fou_ _coessf_, +uccees be Jug defined as
 capsutes under the New Me. co (3,_} of the patients d_seontL_ued the ps_t_al_y0 moderately or very effec_Veo
 ContuSed Substances Therape_tic stody because they did not ]L_e _mo_ The major _easo_ for fafl_ of
 Reset'oh Program from February _ _o marijuanas T_enty_ne (_) petle_t_ raar_j_na cigarettes was smokt_
 June IgS_ for control of nausea _nd reposed the advent effect cf intoJera_Ceo
 vomiting associated with _c_ sleepiness/fatigue. I_ reposed sere _,_. Nausea and vom_ (smears| are
 chemotherapy. For a&_tssion t_ the throat_ _ repoz_ed headache, and _ common side effects of cancer
 p_ patients must have
 reported beiP_ _ght-headed after chemotherapy, Vo_ting Is controlled by
 eper_enced nausea and vo_fln8 Lu
 smoking ma_jua_ao Of _ tndP_duo_ two distinct areas _ the brain, the
 p_ev_oca chen_o_herspy. An avera$e of vomiting _nter and the chemoreceptor
 four to e_ in_duals a _nt_ who _moked mar_i_ana at the fu_t
 _g3e_ zone (CTZ}. Various _cer
 patient sessio_ 1_ reported no nausea,,
 pa_c_pated ha the p_gran_ chemot_|e_pcutic agents can trigser the
 Appro:_etely _ New Mexico 3_ reported mild nausea_ _ reported vomi_ag _n_er and the CT_ _u_
 physicians partlc_patvd in the state.wide moderate nause_ and 1_ reported caus_u8 _ausea and vomiting. The
 program There was no rendor_Lz_ in severe nausea. Of the _3 peL_ents who _cJdence of e_e_L_ resul_ from
 the study_ t_ peLie_ts thamseives chow su_okcd m_juana _ the Luitia| _eesio_ ca_ce_ chemotherapy often depends
 to use either marijuana or THC, They _ perce_ reported they felt "M_" and upon _e _pe of agent used for the
 wer_ a|so fee to switch from one drug _8 percent reported no into'eased chemotherapy treatment.
 to the other once they began _eet_enL appetite s_aL_o_ Chemotherapeutic agents _o_t often
 Under the progr_ 18 Lu_d_als _I. The State of New York CC_n_r_d assodeted with e_esis also _duc_
 swflche_ teem one dru8 to the othe_ 13 Substances Therapeutic R_eer_ emee_s of the _ee_est _eve_ty. Cisp_at_
 ewflched from _sre_e_ to c_psv3es, the Pro_r_ Report for 1_ _dica_a that causes the _hest LucMence o_ emesi_
 others h'o_ caps_es to _garett_ _ by the end ol J_ly 1_8_ 840 ma_l_n_ whereas methob'exete ce_es orgy a
 the patients _lected far evaJuaflo_ g4 e_g_rettee had _een die.bursal to _8 moderate incidence of emesLs. Other
 used THC capeu_ and 75 user patients w._der the New York prefab, f_c_o_s not specifically relate_ to
 _etrij_na cigarettes. There was no These _5 patients had _ t_at_ent chemotherapy can also _.fluence a
 obiective _neasu_ement of _ucce_s or episodes+ The treatment of 18 pat_s patient's erasers, such as emerita'Hal
 faflur_. The patients evaluata<_ was evaluated, aud IS fo'and that they status. Muvhol consurapflo_ age, and
 the_tvee based upon the degree of benefited from smoked mar_u_ _ past chemotherapy experience.
 names end venting ha prances sore _aaer. Far the period f_ _. _'lor to _9800 little research was
 chemotherapy sessiopJ_ a_ compered November 198_ to _ay 1988, I_ conducted regsrdLP_8 emt_emet_ca used tc
 with the doses of nausea and vomltin_ patients _ei_ed mar_|u_J_ c_arett_ treat nausea and vomiting related _o
 when marijuana or THC was u_& _der the New Yerk p_az_ D_8 cancer chemotherepyo At that rims. the
 _ One hundred-five patients enrolled that period, _0_4 mar_iuane cigaJ_ttee mast comm_v_y used an_emetic was
 L_ the State of CGeoP_a m_r|Juana _ad were _st_bute_ Of the _ psflents Contpaah_e _proc_orpera_J_te).
 'I_C resea_h _tudy which wan who recmlved _ari_:_._m, only 90 were C_mp_ne wan largely ineffective in
 designed to evaluate the efficacy and evaluate& The eve_ueL_ons we_ based trvatir,_ emesie caused by most cancer
 toxicity of ma_juana and THC es an _o|ely on patient self-assessments of chemotherapy regimen. Since 19_
 J_e_etlc in _nce_ patients under_oL_ ns_sea _u:_d vozn.it_ appa_e, phyat_t _e_eea_.._ with _ew an_emeflcs has
 !i chemotherapy treatment. Faery statue, rood "high _ feelings and a prolifereted_ A_ a result of this
 U_dversity ePJ_oUed 8_ patients L_ their _cord of the amount of _ t_k_ The add_tio_M _eea_ch. severn| mew and
 me_juana end'r_c rese_.h study, p_em was also ple_ed by _ack of highly effecL_v_ an_eme_cs and theLr
 Th_a'_y-eLght ps_ents born the Skate of compliance with rep_rtLn_ p_oc_e,, combL_ations a_ now available
 Geo_gie study, end 81 patients from the The _ults of the _,aluetions l_catsd tnc|ud_: metoc]op_ndde,
 Emo_ University study were _aluat_:L _at large pe_c_nta_ca of the _v_duM_ thteth_|perezLue me|ate, hMope_doL
 Of the 119 patients eva_uated _ the who received chen_otherap_uttc agent de_methaeone. _phe_yuLram:Lne0
 : comblne_ _tud_es0 _ smoked _je_z_ which st_ _ov_ to produc_ moderate droperidol, fl_phen_Jdne hydrocMor_de.
 the other 7_ u_d THC tape,vs. The to severe emes|s failed to respond to the perphena_ine, Ior_epa_rU dronabinol
 euc_e_ rate for use of THC capsules smoked _aflt_a. _a New Yo_ (s_thet_o _C] in _esa_e off _ a soft
 wa_ _ percent, end the _uccess _te for Summary Repe_ con_ud_ that whJ_ _e|atL_ capers0 end nebflone (o
 sa'_okba_ marijuana was _ percsn_ pre_L_Ln_ results of the '_,nha_tlon synthetic substance che_ca_y end
 Succou wee measured by patient _fo Marijuana Reaaar_ Project" w_ phar_nac_Iog_ca|ly _nflar to THC).

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