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 _ Fed_s| R_i_er / eeL 54, No. 249 / Friday, December 29, I_9 / Notices
 + _ asency presented severs| axl_rt8 scientific evidence. The same tes_mony of individuals who had used
 who testified _hat then is insu/_iment psychiatrists and senegal practitioners marijuana for those conditions and the
 $cienti_c evidence to support a who reposed marijuana had a medics| testimony of the psychiatrists or genersd
 .... conclusion that marijuana has a medi,csl use in _ating nausea and vomiting end practice physicians mentioned earlier.
 use in tmstmemt of 81aucom_ In 81auooms also stated that mariiu_.u_ had Then is not a shred of credible
 addition to Dr, Heplero they mclud_ Dr+ a medic_d u_s in treati_ spsstici_yo scientist evidence to support any of
 George Spaeth, Profeseor of None of these physicians breed their their cla_.
 Ophthalmology, Director of the opinions on reliable +cienthqc evidenceo With regard to marijusna+_ safety for
 Glaucoma Service at Will'+ Eye Hospltal The asency presented the testimony use under medical supervision, the
 Łu Philadelphia and President of the of na_onal expert+ in the area of Administrator must a_ain rely on the
 Am_riusn Glaucomas Society; and Dr. multiple scleroms and splaY,city, Dr+ scientific evidence° While the pr_
 ..... _ Keith Green° Professor of Ke_eth _olm_n is the Cha_rrnas_ o_ the mar_iuana parties argue that no one has
 i Ophthahno[ogy, pharmacopeial and Department of Neurol_y at the died from mariju_a use. _nd the
 '_ msesrcher who has conducted msea_.h Urdversi_y of Maryland School o_' individuals who use it have testified _
 wRh both marijuana and TH_ Perhaps Medina _ud m_nage_ the Maryl_d they have nee e×per_enced edver_
 the moat per_ussive evidence Center for MuI_ple Sclerosis 0V_). He is effects+ there is little or no scientific
 ccncernin_ the use of msriluana _ the author of over _00 sc_enfi_i_ s_d evidence to support their claims. For
 treating glaucoma is the opinion sf the medical articles on MS+ Dr+ _ohnson has example, while Robert Randall claims
 American Academy of Ophthahno[oSy, _pent most of his medical career m_riiuana smokin8 has had no adverse
 :.:. '
 sn organization representir_ _+000 rese_roh_n_ MS and has dJasnosed and _ffe_ on h_ health or respiratory
 physician members end +,000 other treated more than 6+000 patients with syster_ ha has not hod a physical
 medical professionals who +pec_a|L_e _n the disease. He testified that he is +xamina_don or pulmosary function test
 the treatment of ophthaLmolosy+ The unsw_r_ uf any legRimate research _ over ten yeaz_,
 Academy has conc|uded C_at mvolvflug marijuana to teat symptoms In order to be effective+ a d.rug'_
 insufficient data er3sts to demo_trate of MS, He further stated that0 "[tic therapeutic behests must be balanced
 the safety and efficacy of usln_ smoked eon_ude that mariiuana _ egainst_ end outweish, its negative or
 mariiuena in the _r_atmsnt of _leucOmao therapeufically effective without adverse effects° This has not been
 FDA has also determined that then is conducting vigorous testing would be established with mar_usna+ As the
 _:_ insufficient evidence to conclude that professionally irresponsible° °° Dr, pmvious|y discussed evidence has
 mariiuana has a medical use in Donald $_b_rb_r_, Cheer of _h_ demonstrated, then is as yet no re_iab1_
 treatment of _aucsma. Department of Neurology at the ecien_iflc evidence to support
 S_stlsity University of Pennsylvania School of marijuana's therapeutic benefit. It is+
 _ supped of their _ntent_on that Me_in_ and Chief of Neurolo_ therefore, L_possible to balance the
 marijuana has _ medical use in _ervice at the Hoepit_ of Pennsy_va_s, benefit against the negative effects. Th_
 has been active|y resesrchir_ and negative effects of mar_iuana use _e
 treatment of spesticity in amputees and
 treath_ MS for moat _f his career+ He we_I-do_uznented in the record°
 those wRh mui_ip|e s_ero_is, the pr_
 mar_iuana parti_ pre_nted t_e ha+ written over 130 medical _rfi_es on Mariiuane smokinS, the route of
 : studies _nvolvin8 THC, testimonials of MS, He con_uded that not o_y i_ there scb_fizdsOrafion advocated by many
 individuals with spasti_y who u_ no legithnste medical or scientific wimesses presen{ed by the pro+
 msriiuana, medical opinions, _nd state evidence to support s conclusion that mar_iuana parties, causes many weil-
 oour_ decisions on the medical n_.,_ssi_y _sr_uana i_ effective in treating MS or k_own and s_ienfi_cally documented
 defense. The three studies presented by spasticity_ but that |ong-_srm treatment side effects. These'include decreased
 the pro_marijuan_ p_.les w_m very of MS patients with m_rijusna could be blood p_esvze, rapid heart rate+
 _m_J,,_ s_dieSo AJJ three tOtalJe_ 17 worse th_ the origin_ disease+ Dr+ drow+mess, euphoria° disphoria and
 patients, and used THC+ not mar_+uan_, Silberberg placed no value on the impairment of motor functior_ not to
 to treat spastt_ty, There are nostudiee reports of p_tienls who claLmed r_lief of mention various negative effects on the
 using marijuana to treat spasticity, their symptoms with marl}ulna because respiratory and pulmonary systems.
 + These studies do not provide a scientific of the sporadic and eplsod_c nature of Therefore, the on_y conclcaion is that
 basil to conclude that marijuana has a MS at_c.k_o marijuana i_ not safe for use under
 medir_l usa in treating epasti_tyo The National Multiple Sclerosis medical supervisiom because i_ emery
 Dr. Denis Petro, a board certi.fled So_eW has concluded that zn_j_Kna is has not been established by rel_able
 ...... neurolo_isL testified on behalf of the not an ac_pted medical treatment for scientific evidence.
 pro-marijuana parties that be believes spasticlty+ Dr. Stephen Reinhold, In summary, the Administrator finds
 that mer_jcana has a currently accepted Assistant Vir_ Preeiden_ for Research of that then is insufficient, and _u many
 medical use in tr_at_n_ spasticRy. He the National Multiple _cle_osis l_ooiet'y+ instances no, reLiable° credible, scientif_
 t_tified that his opinion _s based on th@ _ndlca_ed in his tesflmon_ tlmt bemuse evidence+ supported by properly
 THC studies, experiences and then a_ no well.set,ned© well+ conducted _cient_flc meearch, _ super
 observations of patients and hist_r_ controlled research etudies using a con_usion that mar_juasa has
 accounts of m_riiuana use. Dr+ Pe_ marijuana to _eat spastic_ty, the society medical use to treat any ailment or
 knew of no studies in which m_r_u_n_ does not endorse or advocate the use of disaa_e. In add_flo_ then is _ lack of
 was used to _rea_ _pasfi_ty_ He t_st_ed msr_|u_ _or such • purpose+ scientific evidence to support a
 that his information from patients The evidence presented by the pro_ conclusion that m_r_iuana is s_e for u_
 consisted of them te_in._ him how'the msziiu_na parties regarding use of+ under medical supervisiom This _enc_,
 eLreet mariiuana Lhese patients ur_d a_ mer_u_n_ to L_at ver_ou_ othe_ ,eLud the Government as a whole, wo_
 home effected their sp_ity. He _ eilments such as patr_ decxeased be dom_ thee public a _ervica by
 not conduct shy clinical _tudies or _a apt_o el_oho_ and _ addi_:_on® consludh_ that this _mplex
 obJ_t_ve meuu_emen_o Dr. Petro+s spflepey, atopic neurodermatRts+ psychoactive dru_ with seriotm adv_
 opinion is not based upon any mllab_ eclsmd_rm_ and _thma was lflz_ted _ effects has a medical use bued ul_:_n
 o+ C_ ,"_
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