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 Federal R_t_ / Volo _+ No. 2A9 / Friday, December 29, 1989 / Notices 53771
 use. The courts found only that these comp_ed to smoldn_ mexijtmna _ Mr. Randall smokes appro_dmately 8
 individuals, who were s_riously _ and vastly different_ A few of the studies to 10 marijuana cigarettes a day. Since
 believed that msrljuana wou_d help presented do document that heavy Mro Randall continues to take other
 tben_ did not have crlmlna| intent in doses of marijuana over a sh_rt time 81aucoma medications, his controlled
 possessing or using mari|uana. The period reduce eye pressure in moat eye pressure cannot be at_butable
 judges and Juries in these proceeddngs indi_du_so However_ there are no solely to mariiuana use. L_ fact, Dr.
 were not dec|drag mescal and scientific studies wl_ch doctu_ant that mariluana North testified _at Mr. Randall needs
 lack, but legal issues° Thesa de_slona can sustain reduced eye pressure for the standard medications as well as
 do not provide scientific evidence that _xt_nded time _rlodso The acute, o_ mariju_m, and that the marijuana Itssif
 marilusna has a medical usL shod-terms stu_ a_so show wriou_ is not totally effective in decreasing Mr.
 The pro_mcrijuana parties also side effects R,om mariiuana _e. RandsU_s eye pressUreo Mr. Randall'_
 presented evidence that 34 states passed in_uding lowered b|ood pressure, rapid experience with marijuana, althou_
 • laws permRt_g mari_uana'e _e for heart beat, and he_r_ pa|p_taflons. _ a utilized under a physician's directions, is
 codices purposes in those states. These Ig79 study conducted by D_, M_rr_tt, not _cienti_c cadence that marijuana
 laws provided that n_riiua_ should be Crewman, Alexander° Anduze, and has an accepted medical use in
 available for medical research. The term Gelb_rt_ _e conclusions includ_ a treatment of glaucoma° Dro Merritto one
 '°research" ie essential to a readL_ of smtement: "Xt is because of the of Mro Rsndail's physic|mac responded
 these statutes. These laws made frequency and s_veriW with which to the question of why he did not
 mar_usr_ ava_able for research end,, in untow_ events occurred that publish the resuRs of Mr, RandMl°s
 some state& set up research proS_ams to marijuana inhalation i_ not an ideal treatment by saying° "A s_gle isolated
 study marijusna's safety and therapeutic mode|try for 81aucoma incident of one person smo_dn8
 effect|yenned as a mercia. These pa_ants." marijuana is not evidence for other
 smtutes are mad for what they _. The pr_m_uana parties presented ophtha_rno_oSlsts who may went to use
 encoure_Lug research involvtng tha drug."
 te_on_l_ of _dividual_ who _er
 msri|uanao They are not an endorsement from glaucoma and believe their Dro Hepler, the physician who
 by state legislatures that msr_uans has condition has benefited fl'om the usa of conducted preliminary studies with
 an accepted medical usa in trestmenL
 The numerous testimonials and msr_iuanao Most of these individuals mariiucsa _nd initially advised _o
 opinions of lay persons which were used marijuana recreat_onal|_ prior to Randall to use mariiuana with his other
 presented in _._s proceecL_n_ by t_e prop disceve_ of their ilh_ess. Chief among medications, now states that there ta
 msriiuana parties are not usdul in the individua|s presenting statements inefficient so|entiRe evidence to
 determlnLng whether mariiuana has a was Robert R_dalL Mr. RandaLl i_ conclude that marijuana is effec_ve in
 medical use. While experiences o_ president of ACT, and has been on _reatin8 glaucoma° The pro_msrijusna
 individuals with medical conditions who NORML'+ _oard of D_ectors since _7_. parties rely primarily on the spin|one of
 use+marlJua_a may provide a basis for He has been a s_,ong advocate for two o_ t%r. R_ndalrs physicq_ns, D_.
 resaarc]_ they cannot be substituted for medical usa of marijuana. Mr. R_nda_ North emd Merritt in _uppor_ng their
 reliable scientific evidence. For the also has _]auc_ma. Mr. Randall began conten_on that marijuana has a medical
 many reasons _tated in the previ+us smokhn8 marijuana as a college student usa in treatment of glaucoma. Dr. North
 discussion of scientific evidence+ these in 19_8. long before he was diagnosed in indicated that his conclusion that
 _tements can be 8ivan little weight 197_ as beAnS _Isucomao At that time m_rliuana has e medical use in
 Similarly, endorsements by such _, Randall was treated with standa_ treatment of glaucoma is based solely
 org_Lr_izations as the National g]mucuma medic_tlOnSo In the mid I_70's on his observations of Mr. Randall Dr.
 Association of Attumeys Cenere/, that • _+,_'o R_dal_ wa+ involved in s Merritt is a _a_ certified
 marijuana hae a medical use H a_ preliraJna_ research study conducted ophthalmologlst and researcher who has
 ant|acetic _re of little persuasive value by Dr. Robert Hepler. Dr. Hepler au_orsd many articles on the use of
 when compared with statements _rom conducted some of the F.rst published marijuana and cannablnoids to reduce
 the American Cancer Society and the short-term _ari_uana studies relating to eye pressure. D_. Merdtt based his
 American Medical Assoclat_on. g|aucomao Dr. Hepler told Mro Randa1_ opinion that marijuana has a medical
 • at he believed that marijuana in use in _aatment of glaucoma on
 Gla_m_ combina_on with other standard published scientific studies, treatmen_ of
 The p_mariluana parties presented glaucoma medications would be helpful Mr. Randall, and treatment of other
 several studies to _uppo_ _eir in rsduc#ng his eye pressure° _n _ Mr, 8laucoma parlors. As previously stated,
 cuntentlon that marijuana haa a medical Randall was arrested for _wing and ell the seal|able studies concern high
 use for treatment of glaucoma° In order poseRs+in8 mariiuana. His defense was doses of marijuana taken over short
 for a clru_ to be effactiva in _a_g medical necessity. Subsequently, he periods of time. Even Dr. Merrttt
 glaucoma it must lower the pressure began _oei_ing marIIusna under an admitted that there are no studies _o
 ! within the eye for prolonged periods of InveetigationM New Dreg (D_,rD) protocol, show that marijuana repeatedly _owers
 _L_ne and actually preserve sight or spsnsored by his physician. H_ al_o eya pressure over long time periods. The
 visual fields. The studies relied upon by continued to receive standard glaucoma maLutenance of lowered eye pressure is
 the pro_mar_juan_ parties do not m_dlc_tlon_. S_ca 19_ _'. Randal_ he+ cru_al in treating individuals with
 scientifically support a finding that been _eated by Dr. North. Mr, Randa|1 _auccome. On czoss_xamlnafion, Dr.
 maz_iuaz_a has s medical use for receives m_uana from the Federal Men_tt was unable to provide e|ther the
 treatment of glaucom¢ Five of the C_ver_unent and continues to take specific number of individual patients he
 studies presented by the pro_mar_juana standard glaucoma medications. Two had observed or any scientific data
 pa_;ies are pure THC studies. As physicians who treated Mr. Randall _elatin8 to those patients° Although Dr.
 previously noted, THC is only one inoludin8 Dr, N_rth, testified that Mr. Merr_tt is a we|l-known ophthalmologist,
 conmtituent among hundreds found in Randalrs eye pressure appee_ to have the basis for his opinion that marijuana
 marijuanso Therefore, the consequences been con_olled and his vision kspt has a medical use in the tyeatment of
 of an individual Luge_ting pure 'rHc as stab|_ for the lest several yea_o _aucuma is not _clantificaliy sound.

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