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 _3_'0 Federal Re_ktet" / VoL _. Noo _9 / Friday, December 29, lag / Notices
 Two 8enera_ p_c_one_o Dry. WeLl Stephem_ _ onco]o_ _fa_or of Dr. l_szlo, currently Vice President o_
 end _u:_nan. also provided t_timony MecU_ne sad Director of Clinica| Research for the American Cancer
 on behalf of the pro-marituema parties. Oncolo_ at the UmversiW of _sas. _cieW_ is an expert who has devoted
 Neither are oncologis_, nor do they _ara_erized marijuana ae • "h_.hly the majori_ of his over 30 years
 treat cancer patients. Dr. Weft _ a effective, and in some cases, critical medicine to the treatment of cancer.
 welhmse cour_elor at a hes|_ spa, and oh.uS in the reduction of Dur_n_ hie career, he spent eleven years
 Dr. _aufman is an officer of _ company _he_otherapeu_calIy. Luduced em_si_s: ae the Director of Clinical Prepares at
 that audits hospital quality contr.| DurL_ cx_ssoexaminatJo_ _kt, S_ephsns the Duke University Comprehensive
 programs. Dr. Weil has written a _tated that he was ttnaware of _y Cancer Center. Dr. Lesz_o has authored
 ntunbe_ of books on drugs and admitted _lenLLfic s_dlee which had _en done numerous scienthqc articles about
 that he has personally used every ruled® with marijuana, and that he had never cancer research and treatment and has
 i ahering, i_c_t drug be has wrttt_ about done re_eexch or treated _atient_ with written a book _i_ed_ An6eme_ic_ ond
 ....... i Dr. gau_man stopped practicinS _er_ju_nao He indicated that he received G_nce_ C.hemo_hempy. _ his testimony
 medicine in 1974. and was tug, hie to hie _ormaL_on _bout the patient's _se for _his proceeding. Dro Leszlo stated
 i provide any information on croe_._ o_ m_u_n_ fz_n the nexsJn8 sta_ C_ Lha_ he does not advocate the use of
 exe_nineUon regardh_ the be,siS for _s the p_eent_ far_i|yo None of these _anjuc_ua _s an antiemeti_ In parts
 opinion that nuLff_uana has an accepted onco|o_sts based thei_ oph-don_ abou_ because there has not been sufficient
 inedited use. Neither Dr. Wed nor _. n_uana on s_entific _tudiee or their _th_ of marliuana _o show that _ _ a
 _aufman has a cre_b|e basis for their own research. Most did not base LheL_ safe sand effec_ve dru_. He a|so
 opinion regarding m_ri|u_na_ and. opinions on their dLrsct observations indicated that because there are ocher
 the_fo_, their testimony will be bet on the opL_on_ of other. _ light _f avai|ab_e, hish|y effective antieme_cs, e_
 disre_e_rde_L lack of _2entiflc basis for these physician does not need to resort to a
 Four oncologists presented _s_rnony opinion_ they wi_ be given lit_2e _ega_i. crude dru_ such as marijuana° Dro _s_o
 on behalf of the pro-mexijuana parties. The agency presented the tes_hnony conr.l_ded that marijuana does not have
 They were Dr_ Goldber_, Silver_e_, of nationa_y reco_.ed e_per_ in a currently accepted medical use m the
 _ckel_ and Stephanso Dr, Goldbe_ is a _c_logy, Dr, EttL_ger, _ l_ofe_ser of Umted States for treatment of nausea
 board certified onoolo_ds_ but p_c_ices Ontology at _ch_s Hopkins _co_ of and vomiting resulting from cancer
 primarily internal medicine° She o_y Medicine. i_ the author ot over 100 chemotherapy.
 ....... administers chemotherapy to one or _wo published a_c]es on cancer _reatment The American Cancer Society
 patients a year. In her career, she has Dr. ERln_er _est_fied: provided DEA with lie policy s_ater_ents
 : ad.mir_ete_ed chemotherapy _ no more T_ _ _o L_,_a _st mall|cane _ regarding medical use of mariju_ne_ The
 than ten patients whom she believed tn _ffec_Iv_ _a _a_ nausea and vor_Ir_ admmistea_ive law judge refused to
 be usL_ mariiuana. On crosso re_ul_Ir_S _ m_t_n t_eeUne_t or other admit t_Js document into evidence in
 e_an_Lnat_on, she could not _ auy csu_e_ No l_g_nm_e e_u_L_es hew been flus p_ceed_ zele_etin_ it to the
 etudes regardJag marijuana. _o _op_:lu_ which make _,_I_ _seicm_ _u'blic comment' set, on of the _erd.
 C-oldbe_ was a member and fL_an_al He _tinuecl by statln_ that The AdmlnisLrator, however, considers
 contributor to NOI_V_L. Dr. Sflverber_ this document to bs extremely relevant
 _e_ practiced _colo_ for _0 yea_. He Al_ _xt_n_v_ r_ea_ch has b_n end° ind_d, of substantial importance
 : c_n_u_ed _s_ng _ "* fTHC) * "* ss
 is a Profeesor of Clinical O_colo_y at eet_m_e_tc _atment for _cer in this matter. The Americen Center
 .. the UniversRy of Califo_ia at _ chemotherapy patients0 vmv _tte _e_eer_ Society has, and cont_ues to, support
 Fran_sco, hot Is not _ board certified _ ac_ueJly been _du_ twine marijuana research with substances which may
 oncolo_ist In _s test|ninny, _.o • ° ° f_e th_ _e psrpoee. Moat of the pro_de relief to cancer patient_,
 SLlverbar_ indicated that there was i_o_t_n concernL_ m_zt|_'s inc_adin8 mariluanao It states, howe_ero
 voluminous medical research regard_ efle_t_ L_ _ecdo_ _ _mes _ that the resul_s of clinical invee_i_at_or_
 m_r_iuana'_ e_ecL_veneH in _a_ tt_˘_.nLr_Ll_ _udi_ are Lnsu_cient to warrant the decon_o|
 nausea end vomi@._g. On c_ _. G_dl_ a Professor of Medic_e st of me_d|uena for medical use. The
 examination. Dr. Sflve_berg ccmld not Comer U_lver_i_ Medical Co_ese, _d American MeScal Association has
 identify any studies, and wus f_d to an Agso_ate At_e_c_x_ Physician at expressed a similar opinion.
 admR that he had been incest _d Slo_-_e_e_iz._ Memorial C_cer The Food end Drug Ad.minis_atio_
 that there were, in fact very few studies Center, is an oncoloe_st who has spent has provided DEA with a scientific and
 conducted _L_.g m_i_sn_ as as his enLL_ profess|on_ _ devoted _o medical evaluation of mar_juan˘ aewel|
 _n_emet_˘ A1thosgh Dr. Sflverbe_ l_s _nc_ msesrch end trea_e_t Dro as tesLLmony from one of t_ leading
 advised patients to use mexllu_a to G_edla bee _ondu_ed e_temslve research pharmaoolo_sts_ Evaluati_ mariiuana
 ccmtr_! nausea and vomiting meandered with an_eme_c cL_es _d testified that a_a_s_ its criteria for safety and
 with chemotherapy, he has _v_ been there _ _ur_ntly many new medicines effectiveness. FDA has concluded _at
 involved in any rese_ch nor has be that control nausea e_d vo_ there is inadequate scientific evidence
 documented any of his observations. Dr. associated with chemotherapy maw to support a find|n8 that mari_uena is
 _ickers is an os_._log_st in New Orleans e_e_v_ly the_ mex_ua_ l'_ eh_ safe and effec_Jve for treating nausea
 and i_ a Professor o_ Medicine et the stated that most physicians and and vomiting ex_e_enced by patients
 L_rtdsi_na Umversity School of _n_o_s_ have ilt_e interest i_ undergoin8 chemotherapy.
 Medicine. AJtho_h Dr. Bickers cl_rLme m_'lj_-_ be_ of its negative sicb_ The pro-marijuana pert|as i_esented
 that young patients hays better con_'o] e_fect_ _ other p_oblem_ associated cases in which coerts did not eonvict
 over _usea and _om1_.n_ _er u_in_ with Re _e. In con_.luslor_ Dr. GraJ]a individuals of a crime eesocleted _t_
 m_r_}tmna, he he_s never dc_u_emted stated that _e and hie fellow cancer pcueeslon and usa of meri|uena based
 this cLeAu_ Dr, Bickers was unable m _pecialis_ at Sloen-Kette_ do not upon • legal defense of "medical
 identify any scient_c t_o_m_iun which ac_pt m_i_u_a as being me,taLly necessi_." These cases have no
 ha _Lie_:I upou In reenhi_ _ use_l t˘ _t neu_a and _n_u_ relevance to this l_OCeeding which
 concision regarding mari_ Dr. e_:la_e_i w_th chemotherepyo _lates to msr_a's possible meeL_ced

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