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 " Federal Re_ster / VoL 54, No. 24@ / F_day, December 2g0 l_q / NoUces 53769
 zandomlzed, doubleobllnd_ and placebo the e_perlmentsl drugs to oomph ,_r_th provide a baals to conclude that
 centrolle& The study conclude& "that = those who did,. The studies were not + m_rljuana has an a_epted manual usa
 combination of oral and smoked THC is blind or doubleoblincL Every ress_.h as an _tiemeUo.
 a highly effeoRve antiemetic compared subject _w what dzu_ they wer_ There wez_ many physicians and
 to placebo _ " *" This study was re˘_i_ng end, _ many cases, were other medical experts who testified in
 limited to I_ subleot_ some of whom pe_itted to request eitheP msriiuana or this proceedh_g. _ revlewing the welght
 received both marijuana and THe at the THC. The studies were not rsndsmLz_& to be glean to an e_per_'s opinion, the
 same _ma. The vali_ty of the rosuJts of In most i_stance_ _e _s_|_ were fac_ relied upon to reach that opinion
 this study is severely limned by its small measured by the _ub_ect++ sub_ective and the _edentials and experience of
 size _m_ a_mi_,istrstion c_ the m.L_hu_s of evaluation of _e drus'_ effec_ivenes_o the expe_ must be carefully e×amined_
 the two drugs_ THC and marijus_ao The This is even mc_ of s problem where The experts p_sented by the pro
 study Is not helpfhfi in determln_ the t_ dxuS _ questlon is _ psycho_opic or matqlu_e psYdes were unable to
 therapeutic utility of maz_us_a =lone in mind-eltmqng substertce like mariiuana+ provide s stro_ scientific or factual
 : treating nausea and vomRLz_, which by i_ very neturs mske_ some basis to support their opinions. I_
 The third s_dy conducted by _. individuals feel "high." and may dlst_r_ addi_ot_ many of the experts presented
 ! Thomas J+ Ur_erlelder+ a psychla_r_ _he_ p_rcep_o_ of physi_l symptoms, by the pro_mar_iuana parties did nee
 involved the admir_s_ration of There were no shiec_vely measured have e'W expertise in the area of
 marijuana to 16 bone me_ow _nsplant results. The results were not publ_shed rese_ch in the specific medical area
 patients suffering from severe nausea _ scions:trio journals _d, _ some cases, beh'tg addressed. The pro_marijuana
 sad vsmJtin_ from redia_on therapy, data'were lose or not recorde& The psztles presented the testimony of flv_
 The results of this study are of little number of _di_dduals who actu_ly psychiatrists to suppers the use of
 value due to the li_ed number of smoked marij_s_ _n these etudes w_ m_iiu_ as an snflemetic+ None of
 patients+ the subjective nature of the re|ative_y small These st_te s_ud_ea these _dividu_s is an oncologisL nor
 data, and the fact that the results of the were bum of compassion and here they _eated cancer patients. Tbxea
 study were never published. The frustrations They abandoned traditional cf _he psychia_ists, D_o Grinspoon+
 condus_un that them was less nausea scientific methods _ favor _f dispen_in8 U_erleider und 7_nberg are current or
 and vomRin8 with use of marijuana was mar_iu_a to s_ many mdividuals _ former bead members of NO1_41, _r
 ..... ; based upon the subjectg and possible on the _ence that it m_gh_ help ACT+ All these physici_s indicated that
 researcher's ssb_ec_ve delerminstior_ them. Though wetl+lntentioned, _k_e they relied on scientific studies which
 There were no objectiw measurements, stu_e_ h_v_ li_t|e so|entitle value, they had ream their experience with
 su_ as number of incidents or The research studies presented by _h_ cancer patients0 or stories from others,
 f_quen_y of vomit_o Du_ cross- prc-mariiuana parties in this precee_ng to reach the_x conclusions° When
 examination+ Dzo Ungerlmdsz indicated do not support = conclusion that questioned on _ss_e_aminatiun ae to
 that _e results of the study were not mariiuana has a therapeutic use for which studies they rel_ed upon, most
 i published becatme there was+not enough tree.ant of nausea _d vom_tir_ were unable to list one study. A _vJew
 ! hs.rd data. _ssosia_ed with chemotherr_py, of the available literature has already
 The fourth study compared m_i_Uana The pro_ma_juan= parties presented demonstrated the unretiabiIRy of the
 _o THC es an antieme_i_ L_vflt et aL many tes_u_oni_s _om cancer pattenS, studies that exist. The test_o_als upon
 Rczndo_izedDoub/e BIL_d Com.@on theiz families, end friends about the _s which these peychia_s_ relied are also
 o[Do/tc+_Tett_hyd_oc_nnobiao] _FHC} of mar_iu_na _o alleviate na_ea _._d _cien_fically suspect. The cpmions of
 ˘_ndMP,_i/uonaA# _emo_h_'t_py vo_x_t_rd_ _so_ated with chemotherapy, these psyc_a_rls_ are, therefore, of
 _.n_'eme_'_. _,_ee_i_8 Abs_act)_ _ Proc. These stories of individuals who treat little v_ue in detsrminin_ whether
 Annu. Meet Am. $oc. Citric On_L 91 themselves with a mind-alteri_ drug msri_u_ _ therapeutically useful as an
 (1_]. It concluded that THC Is superior such s_ marijuana, must be viewed wRh sn_lemat_c_
 _c marijuana in controll_.8 natures and great _keptlmsmo Them is no sclent_o Two phazmacolosists, Dr_o Morgan
 vomitinSo A _pec_c formu_a_o_ of me_t t_ _y of these account. _ many and jobe, p_ented ten,sony on behsff
 _thetic THC has been approved for _see _e _d_vidual_ were t_,._ _ of the pro-msriluuna parties. Dr. Mo_an
 : marke_n8 and is available as a varieW of other med_catlons and were is a professor at the City College of New
 prescriptinn drug for treatment of usm8 anything which might help _at York. He does not _eat patients, nor is
 i netmea and yes, tin8 _ssociamd with the cancer e_ wel_ ae the nausea° Th_ he snone,ologist. His opinions are based
 ' cancer chemotherapy, were us_rt_ marijuana purchased on the upon a review of scientific studies _d
 ....... The _fth study presented by _a pro_ street, and were unaware of the +_th stories told to him by others. He has ties
 mariiusna parties is actually a _up of of the druso They were not using the to NORNR. and is in favor of lesaliz_r_g
 i programs, collectively labeled ˘h_ under medical supervls_on. _any ma_uana. Dr. |obe is a pharmacologist
 "Con_rolled Substances Therapeutic of these indiv_dual_ had been and psychia_st He testified that his
 , Resea_h Progrsm_," conducted by s_ re=eational usere of m_ur_jua_ p_or _o knowledge of m_.riiu_a's effects u s
 states _ the _970's end 19_0'_, Then beco_in8 _ T_es_ _di_duals' deem drug am based upon a _ew of the
 ; programs involved the use of both for the dru_ _o relieve their symptoms, literature and stories from individuals
 i marilu_t_m cigmmttes _md synthe_i© THC as well as • de_ to mtlonaLize _e_ unde_o_ chemotherapy, On cross-
 .... _ps_es+ The progrs_s were 8ivan mar_iu_n_ ram+ _mcves eny _ctanttflo examinatinr_ Dr. Jobs indicated thst this
 1_ve_t_gatlonal _ew Drug (I_)} value from the_ accounts +of marliu_ aneedot_ information came _m
 approval by the Food and Dru_ use. There is no doubt _t these approximately four or five individuals+
 AdmJnls_a_ion (FDA) and the marijuana individuals and their loved-once He also _dicated that hi+ knowledge of
 and THC were supplied by the Federal bel_eved _!mt marijuana was beneflcie2o the scientific studies conducted with
 Government. The protocols of these The accoun_ of _he_ in_viduala' marijuana was not cu_ren_ The opir_uns
 programs were very loosely consWucte& suffering s_d illnesses s_ very mov_ o_ Dry+ Morsan end |obe are of little
 There were no cont_o_ That _ there and _a_i˘ they _ not, however+ value in dete_ whether marijuana
 were no _Ividua]_ who dld nee t_e retable e_n_ic evidence, nor do they has a ma_csi _eo
 -'.+ i
 + _+_+,+++++++++.+o. ++,+ _+..................+_ •+ + ..... . + .... .:+ ............ ...........+ + .................. =. • + + ..................... + +:.: ........ +, ,

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