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 Fsdem| R_ [ VoL _, NOo _,49 / Friday, December 29, _ / Notices 53767
 _ West Lombard $_'eet_ Baltimeee, anti_ the e_d of 1_ Union at_ch a of Justice. Waah_tor_ DC 205_
 MD 21_1, _d at the Re_dort m offset of _py of its ludgment to any clan of (tetephot_e: 20_/72_7425).
 . the Envtro_ental Protection Agency, L,Jrir_gement of cez_a_ patents, and t_et _h l_ _-,,
 ....... : i_il Chestnut Building° Philade|ph_, Bernie (a] _s_b_te to certain of its D/_or _[O/_e_/o_3, A_tJ_ D/vi_i_.
 Pern_sylvanta '_07. Copies of the pe_or_el copies of its Judgment p_ue [FR Doc. SS_O_ Filed _._e_ &4S _'_|
 consent decree may also be examined at i_struc_on_ for compliance thor@with, _ _ _e.,_
 the F_vtronmental Enforcement Sec_o_ and (b) impose _n c_in B_ni_
 Lend and Na_u_d _esosrc_a Dtviaion, personnel a duty to repo_ t_
 Depex_nent of _tmtic_˘ Room I_, _f_ m_ement any facts s_ perso_el D_ _r_m@nt Admin|str_tlon
 Street _d Pe_LnSy_vez_ja Avenue, _W_ |e_ which would invalidate or prevent _ _ _e_]
 Washingtor_ DC 205341 A _py of t_a
 ts_uanv_ of any _e_s patent, The
 " i! Pe_C°n_ntorDa_eebymailmayfr_batheebtalned Is. Judg_en_ al_ enjo_ U_on from (a) _|_ Sch@d_d_ P_t_/._ DeN
 Envir_mnental E,ufur_ement S_ctlcs_ as_e_ the vattdity of _rtai_ patents of Pet_
 Land and Natural Resources D_v_or_ whi_ it believes should not have been
 Department of |usti_o In r_ue_in8 a _ssued _r _h_uld be decfared Invalids This i_ a firm| order of the
 copy p_ease e_ose e check in the and (b} coneuhin 8 or as_e_ with Admi_s_rator of the Drug Enforc_r_en_
 amount of ffLgO (10 cents per page current or prospective J_cen_ over Admin_s_zat_cn {DFJL) deny_g the
 reproductien cost) Payable to the whether to grant fuHber lLcc_es under Petition _f the Nations] Organization for
 Treasurer of the United Steres ceHat_ palenta; _d en_oi_ Berets from Reform of _exijuana Laws _NOl_%_} _o
 " _schedule the p_ent material marijuana
 R_ _o S_w_z˘ [a) fi_L_ or fu_her prosecut|n8 any from $chPdule _ to _hed_e II of the
 A_ei_a_t_orney Cenem]. L_mdo_d Pe_en_ app_tcatioP_ or enforcing or. Controlled Substances Act. Thin order
 Na_m/Ret_Tu_ce_ Di_eiot_ threstezun_ to enforce _ny patenL follows a rulemaki_ on the record a_
 |_ Dace 8_-3020_ Filed 12P28-_; &_ em] wbene_er it _earns of facts which would prescribed by the Controlled Subata._cea
 _Lu_ coos _e_._-e prevent the L_uemce of or would AcL _ UoS.C 801, e_ seq,, and the
 mvalichtte the patent and (b) consulting Adr_Ani_rattve Proceduree AcL 5 U.S.CC.
 or agree_ns with its _icsna_re or 5_, et aeq. There are seven pe._ties in
 An_tnJ_t D_viel˘_ l_ce_es over whether to 8t_.nt the _lemaki_8 proceeds. Four parties.
 add_tio_al pa_ent _cer_se. NOP3_[_ the Alliance for Cannabis
 P_posed Termirmt|on of Fb'm| The Deper_n_t has filed with the Therapeutics (ACT), the Cammbi_
 Judgments Court a memorendmn setti_ forth the Corporation of America (CCA). and Cs#l
 • Notice is hereby given that defendan_= rea_on_ why the Department believes Eric Clean. comprised the pro-marijuana
 U_ Camp Corporation and _ t_t _er_nat_on o_ the _udgmen_s w_tdd parties, _hose advocating the
 ; Company, _c. have _ed with the _e_e the public LntereaL Copies of _e _eacbeduling of mafi_ueJ_a from
 United States District Court for the complaint _td R_a] judgmen_ . schedule I to Schedule _ The three
 Eastern District of Vi_nla separate defeatists' motion paper, the re_ parties, who advocated that
 motions to teem|note the fin_._ judez_ent_ stipu_aLion con_n_n_ the G_ver_e_t_s marijuana remain _ Schedule L were
 in Unit_ Stc_t_e vo Union Camp consent the Department's DF.Jt., the National Federation of Parents
 Cotpbr_'on _nd Bernie Compc_y, _c_ memorandum, _˘_d all further pape_ for a DrueoFr_e Youth, and the
 Civil No. 5005-A; and that the filed w_t_ the Court in connection with _temational A_sociation of C_tef_ cf
 Depmq_ent of _ustice ("Depa_mez_t"), _hese motions w_l be availab|@ for Po|_ce (_ACP_.
 in a stipulation else Mad'with the Court. Tbe two _ss_es Lava|veal in a
 ir_ction at Room _33. Antltruat
 hat consented ta termination of thv D_ion, Department of justice, I_.._ determination cf whether marijuana
 isdgmenta as to both Unlan and Bernie° should be r_cheduled from Sc_hedule I
 but has reserved the right to withdxaw $_reet _md P_n_ylvania Avenue _W._ to Schedule I_ a_ whethermarJ_an_
 _ts consent pending receipt uf public Washingto_ DC Z0530 (telephone 2_/ plant materi_ has a ctuTent|y accepted
 c_mments. The complaint in this case _3_)o end et tbe ONce of the Clerk medlcal use in treatment in the United
 (tiled on November _, I_] alleged _at of the United States D_str_ct Cou_t for Sties, or _ currently accepted med/c_s|
 defendants eonspired to resLrain and th_ F_s_ern DisRffct of Viz.ginia. _ use with severe res_"|ctiona; and
 monopolize interstate trade and _uth Washington Stre_L A_exandzis, Whether there lea lack of accepted
 commerce in the manufactu_ and sere Vi_3iP3a 223_I_. Cople_ at airy of these safety for use of marijuana plant
 cf mesh wLndow paper begs (used mate_al_ may ba obtained from the material under medical supervision.
 prmcipsI_y for packaging potatoes) by Astitru_t Division upon request end After a t_orough review of the record in
 esse_in8 _atent claims they knew to ba paymen_ _f the copying fee set by t_s matter, the Adrrdnistrator relects the
 invalid and by agreeing (w_ each other Department of Justice r_Sulatlonso reccmmcndatlon of the administrative
 and with Union's ffcensees] to refuse L_terested persona may submit law judge to reschedule marijuana into
 patent licenses to certain applican_ao coznments regardAng the proposed ._hedu]e I_ and finds that the evidence
 The complaint also alleged that U_/o_ termination of the decrees to the in the record mandates • find|n8 that the
 attempted to monopolize such DspartmenL Such _mments must be marijuana plant marshal remain in
 manufacture and sale by improperly _celved wi_in the s_J (_0) day period Schedule I of the Controlled Substances
 contralli_8 entry thereL_ and that _mia e_tabl_shed by court order, and win be Act.
 did so by improperly u_in_ a p_ten_ it filed with the Court Commenm should The pro-marijuana parties advocate
 obtained by fraud and thus knew to be the placement of marijuana pleat
 invalid. ' b_ addressed to Robert _ Bioch_ Chief, materia_ into Schedule _ for med.tcal use
 The _udgmenta (entered against Profeseion_ and _te|lectu_| Property in the treatment uf a w_de variety of
 def_dant Union on FebruarF _, I_, Section_ Antitrust Division, Depsrtmen_ ailments, inc|nd_r_ nausea and vomit_r_ 8
 a._d aga_st defendant _mis on |uly L associated with chemotherapy,
 _96gJ requlz_, among other _ that _u_ma, a_sticfly f_ amputees and
 • -_ # "'_ :i_

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