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 c Ir CAT  oF SERX/_ 
 I hereby certify that the _ndermig_ed on June 2, 1988_
 caused a copy of the forgoing to be hand delivered to:
 Francis L. Young
 > A_inistrative Law Judge
 1375 K Streets N.W., 5th Floor
 Washin_on, D_Co 20537
 Madeleine R. Shirley, Esq.
 .... _ Office of Chief Counsel
 D_g Enforcement Administration
 1405 I Streetp NeW.
 Wamhingtont DoCo 20527
 and caused a copy to be mailed_ first-class_ postage prepaid, to
 each of the following:
 National Organization for the Cannabis Corporation of
 Reform of Marijuana Laws America
 Attn: Kevin B_ Zeesee Esq. Attn: Laurence O. McKinney
 ....... : Zwerling, Marks Ginsberg President
 and Lieberman_ P.O. c/o McKinney & Company
 i001 Duke Street 881 Massachusetts Avenue
 Alexandria, Virginia 22313 Ca_bridge_ Mass. 02139
 National Federation of Parents David C. Beck, Esq.
 for Drug_Fre_ Youth McDez_ott, Will & _ery
 Attn: Carolyn Burns 1850 K Street, N.Wo
 President Washington, D.C. 20006
 8730 Georgia Avenue Attoz_ey for Cannabis
 Suite 200 Corporation of America
 Silver Spring, Mdo 20910
 ...... _ Xnte=national Association of
 Carl Eric Olsen Chiefs of Police
 Post Office Box 5034 Attn: Virginia Peltier, Esq.
 Des Moines_ Iowa 50306 Assistant Legal Counsel
 13 Firstfield Road
 P.O. BOX 6010
 ..... _ Gaithersburg, Md. 20878
 Frank B. Stilwell Ill
 .._,_ i

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