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 disease, the practice of medicine and the demands of patient
 care. Xt is a standard so barren it nevq_r bothers to reference
 what actually occurs _in treatment°"
 The Alliance believes the answer to the question of
 maccepted medical use in treatment # can only be derived from
 those _ involved in treatment and, by extension, to various
 conunities .(l_al, m_dical_ legislative,, political) within the
 society. DEA believes _accepted medical use in treatment x is
 determined by a small number of bureaucrats and institutionalized
 authorities and can be reached without reference toany other
 aspect of the community.
 A determination over which of these starkly differing
 views of the law, medicine and the laws .appropriate application
 is now in the hands of this court.
 Respectfully submitted t
 Frank B. s_iwei! Ill
 Robe_: c_ Laver
 1330 ˘ooD_ect&cut Avenue, N.W.
 Washington, DoC. 20036
 (202) 429-3000
 Attorneys for Alliance for
 Cannabis Therapeutics
 JtL_e 3, 1988

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