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 debilitating emesis caused by anti-cancer therapies, to lower the
 elevated intraocular pressures experienced by glaucoma patients_
 ..... and to reduce the crippling spasticity suffered by patients
 afflicted with neurologic disorders like multiple sclerosis,
 para- and quadriplegia.
 The Courts have ruled marijuana may be a drug of
 Hmedical-necessityW in the treatment of glaucoma and multiple
 sclerosis, and have ordered confiscated supplies of marijuana
 made available for use _in treatment _ by a cancer patient for the
 reduction of emesis.
 Since 1978, thirty_four State legislatures have voted
 to abandon medical prohibitions against marijuana in an effort
 to make it available to seriously ill patients for use in
 physician supervised programs of medical care. These state-
 authorized programs have, in turn, produced detailed scientific
 and medical information on marijuanaSs therapeutic utility and
 have demonstrated marijuana can be safely used. by patients under
 medical supervision and within the context of treatment.
 Realizing the plight of seriously ill patients_
 numerous legal organizations_ including the National Association
 of Attorneys General (NAAG)_ the American Bar Association (ABA)_
 the. National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and
 the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have concluded
 marijuana should be reclassified to Schedule II of the Controlled
 Substances Acta
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