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 will have a viable alternative to break_ng the law and purchasing
 marijuana from illicit, often "dangerous sources_
 ...... The Alliance contends marijuana has an maccepted
 medical use in treatment in the United States _ and shouldr
 therefore, be rescheduled to Schedule IIo
 In support of this position, the Alliance offers the
 testimony of patients with cancer, glaucoma, multiple solerosis_
 para- and quadriplegia, chronic pain and skin disorders, their
 relatives and treating physicians, expezt witnesses, highly
 regarded researchers_ professors of medicine and practitioners in
 the fields of Clinical Oncoloqy, Ophthalmology_ Neurology,
 Psychiatry and Pharmacology. Among the witnesseSotO these
 proceedings are the first and second Director_ of the National
 Institute on Mental Health's Ma. 13uana Research Programs, two
 former FDA IND/NDA Clinical Review Officerss learned scholars,
 state_program a_hministrators, a nurses attorneys_ legislators,
 the former Secretary of Health for the states of New Mexico and
 Colorado, the Vice-President of a major pharmaceutical company,
 and the Attorney General of Kansas who testified on behalf of the
 National Association of Attorneys General.
 For two decades, scores of adequate, well-controlled
 FDA-approved studies, research programs, nCompassionate INDs n an_
 legislatively authorized state programs of medical therapy have
 repeatedly demonstrated marijuana's ability to ease the
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