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 DEASs elaborates inarticulate attempt to redefine the
 FDCA regulatory concept of _ '
 efflcacy into a utopian medical
 ....... indication for accepted glaucoma therapies is patently
 irrational. DEAns fabricated glaucoma _'indication_ m namely,
 #retention of visual function _ succeeds in describing the goal o_
 therapy_but tells nothing about the nature of the therapy
 itself or how marijuana fits into glaucoma treatments
 In sums as the Alliance argued in its initial briefs
 the evidence presented in this case ovez_helmingly demonstrates
 that marijuana has an accepted medical u_se in the reduction of
 intraocular pressure, i/21/ DEAFs disingenuous effort to introduce
 confusion into the record does not alter' this ultimate cone
 clusion. Therefore_ marijuana has satisfied the necessary legal
 prerequisite for classification as a Scheduled II drug under the
 C. SDasticitM
 In its initial brief the Alliance asserted that
 marijuana has an accepted medical use in the treatment of
 spasticityo If the ALJ deems _the widespread acceptance by
 patients and doctors as insufficient confirmation of this fact,
 the Alliance urged that the drug had at least a _currently
 accepted medical use with severe restric_ions_ _ -_ _______ that it
 /_7_2/ ACT Brief at 183-184_ 199_204_ physicians accept
 marijuana_s medical value; the Courts accept marijuana as a drug
 of _medical necessity n _do 191, 206-209; legal organizations
 including National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) /_d.
 at 209, the American Bar Association (A_%) 209-210. The Nations7
 Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers _[NACDL) _. at 209; Many _
 State Legislatures, /_. at 210_

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