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 substance. The evidence on this point is so overwhelming even
 DEA, while denigrating the scientific data on which this
 acceptance is based, grudgingly concedes this pertinent medical
 As Keith Green so authoritatively states: R[T]here is
 no question [within the ophthalmic comm_mity_ that smoking of
 marijuana . . . lead[s] to a fall in intraocular p=essure_ n_-_I/
 The evidence, therefore, fully' supports the Alliance's
 view that marijuana is accepted as an effective intraocular anti _
 hypertensive agent. DEA_s assertion that marijuana_s IOP-
 lowering action is not well established by medical studies or
 widely accepted withinthe ophthalmic community is not even
 supported by the testimony of DEArs own experts°
 2_ Reduction of Intraocular Pressure is the
 Appropriate Medical Indication for Drugs
 psed in the T_ea__mentg__,Slaucoma
 Marijuana's ability to lower elevated ocular tensions
 is of critical import because the specific medical indication for
 a glaucoma therapy is _reduction of intraocular pressure. #
 The Alliance, in advancing this indication, is relying
 on the most medically conservative, widely accepted standard for
 glaucoma therapy° The ability of a therapy to reduce intra-
 ocular pressure is a long-held_ well established standard of
 efficacy. The Alliance relies on this standard because it is,
 _Q/ DEA Brief at 105 (_Limited studies . _ . demonstrated that
 . _ . marijuana causes a reduction in intraocular pressure. # )
 _5_/ Affidavit of Keith Green, Ph.D._ _[ 17_

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