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 During cross=examination Green was closely questioned
 on this point by Mr_ Zeese, particularly with regard to the
 medical community6s acceptance of marijuana as an intraocular
 antihypertensive agent.
 Zeese: [Y_ou say [T3here is little dispute°
 Does that mean that generally people who are
 _ involved in treating the eye agree with that
 Green: They would agree with that statement
 based upon the studies that are presented,
 Zeese: So other people who are involved in
 treating the eye accept that marijuana
 produces a fall in eye pressure?
 Green: Yeah. 14%/
 Green's testimony is consistent with the testimony of
 all other ophthalmic witnesses and is confirmed by all the
 evidence presented on • this point. This generalacceptance of
 marijuana's intraocular antihypertensive property is based on a
 large body of scientific and medical information derived from
 numerous FDA-approved, DEA sanctioned, double-blinds placebo
 controlled studies_ and other evaluations as reported in peer-
 reviewed journals. 4_/
 ..... This information, and the testimony of all ophthalmic
 witnesses, demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that
 marijuana is an effective intraocular antihypertensive
 14_/ Cross-examination of Keith Greene Ph°D°_ Tr. 9_125 & 9_!26.
 14_/ ACT Volo Is Scientific Journal Articles, Tab C. See
 Affidavit of Keith Greens Ph.D. Exhibits 2, 3_ 4_ 5t 6_ 7_ 8_ and
 9. Significantly, every FDA approved, D_ sanctioned medical
 evaluation of marijuana's effects on human intraocular pressure
 undertaken over the past eighteen years has reached the same con _-
 clusion: Marijuana significantly lowers human intraocular press_!__<.

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