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 B, Marijuana_s Use As An Intraocular Antihypertensive
 Dl_l_In The Treatment of Glauc_na
 The Alliance has introduced Overwhelming evidence that
 demonstrates marijuana has an #accepted medical use _ in the
 treatment of glaucoma for the specific tlherapeutic indication
 ...... mreductic_ .of intraocular pressures _ In responses DEA makes two
 arguments_ Firsts the Agency contends _at marijuana_s IOP-
 reducing tendency is not well established or widely accepted.
 Second, the Agency asserts that #reduction of intraocular
 pressure n is not an appropriate medical indication for glaucoma
 therapy° These arguments are meritless_
 Io Marijuana is an Effective Intraocular
 Ant ihype_tens_e Substance
 • •
 While DEA claims there is not enough evidence to show
 marijuana is an effective intraocular antihypertensive
 agent, 14_/ no such doubt is expressed by government's ophthalmic
 witnesses. Indeed, all ophthalmic witnesses accept that
 marijuana is a highly effective, intraocular antihypertensive
 Government witness Keith Green, Ph.D., in his direct
 testimony, states, #There is little dispute that, on the basis of
 these studies, marijuana [smoking] cause[s] an acute fall in
 intraocular pressure .... _li_/
 19__/ DEA Brief _ 72 to 80, at 44-53 (AgencySs generalized
 critique of existing studies)_ S_ alsq DEA Brief at 107.
 (WTesting of marijuana for use in glaucoma patients has been-
 extremely limited. _)
 /_// Affidavit of Keith Green, PhoD._ _ 15.
 ..... _ 52 -

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