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 research protocoi_ IAI/ Patients not getting marijuana run a
 greater possibilityof dropping out of t_e treatment program and
 eventually dying. 142/
 It is also difficult to extrapolate from double-blind
 studies to the accepted use of a dz_/g in the general populations
 Double=blind studies are conducted on smalls pre-selected
 populationsand it is only when the druq is available to the
 general population that a number of other factors not considered
 in the study are discoverable which may affect the usefulness of
 the drug. I-4_/ To attack this problem it is suggested that more
 realistic studies should be dones such as allowing physicians to
 dispense the drug in their offices to a larger variety of
 patients with diverse biologicai and medical problems in order to
 obtain more realistic data. _4_4/ Significantly, in the case of
 marijuana this significant body of data already exists given the
 thousands of cancer patients of different ages and backgrounds
 who have used marijuana to treat their emesis with successful
 results._ 45/
 141/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tro 11-80 & II-812
 Redirect of Dro Ivan Silveberg, Tro 3-13_3_
 I__I/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ Tr. 11-81.
 142_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak9 Tr. Ii-94 & ii_95
 (offers example of antidepressant approved by FDA which, once on
 the market, it was found to cause an unusually high incidence of
 deaths) .
 I__/ Id. Tr. Ii_95.

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