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 Thomas Ungerleider testified that medicine includes the body of
 information derived from clinical anecdotes and patient
 experiences and that _if we always waited to do double-blind
 studies on evening, we wouldn't have nearly the kind of
 advances we have in medicine_ u13// Dr_ Norman Zinberg affirmed
 that current medical usage is established not only through
 specific qllantifiable data derived from double-blind studies but
 also through other means such as the reporting of patient
 experiences in the medical literatureo I_/ Dro John Morgan
 regarded historical knowledge_ regional or even idiosyncratic
 use of a drug as a means of determining the accepted medical use
 of a drug° I/_/ Clearly_ a very substantial segment of the
 medical community has determined that sufficient evidence exists
 demonstrating marijuana_s utility and, t_us_ conclude that it has
 anaccepted medical use as an antiemetico 140/
 Fin_lly, various witnesses noted problems with the
 conduct of double-blind studies using marijuana in the context of
 cancer chemotherapy° Many physicians raised ethical concerns
 about conducting double-blind research on cancer patients. It
 is highly questionable to withhold a drug with a record of bein9
 effective as an antiemetic from patients suffering a deadly
 disease in order to satisfy the rigid demands of a double-blind
 13Z/ Cross&examination of Dr. Thomas Ungerleidere Tro 4-146o
 /___/ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zinbergr Tr_ !I_204.
 I__/ Cross-examination of Dr. John Morgan, Try 6-212o
 .i4Q/ Cross=examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg, Tr. 11-152.
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