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 behavior cannot be said _o constitute #accepted medical use in
 treatment, n
 It is rather difficult to understand which witnesses
 D_A is referring to and what exactly is the content of its
 argument, if any. Marijuana is an illegal drug. -Its
 possession, distributions or sale may result in heavy fines or
 imprisonment° All physicians and nurses know this very well_ Of
 course they do not provide marijuana to the patients; this would
 be asking them to engage in criminal activity. Unable to
 prescribe the drug, however, oncologists do provide information
 to their patients on the antiemetic properties of marijuana and
 observe the benefits received by these patients. If marijuana
 were legal, these oncologists have testified that they would
 prescribe it for their patients. In additions they have
 testified that other oncologists in theist respective medical
 community share their view.
 Medical personnel in hospitals, likewise, did not
 object to this practice and allowed patients to smoke marijuana
 in the hospital -- acts that are obviously illegal. This
 attitude on the part of nursess physicians and hospital
 administrators demonstrates that the medical community accepts
 marijuana as an effective antiemetico
 The medical community disagrees with the proposition
 that medical usage of a drug is solely determined by the
 existence of double=blind studies proving its effectiveness.
 Physicians in this proceeding have testified that there are many
 ways to determine that a drug has an accepted medical use. DrŽ
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