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 evidence that oncologists and physicians in general throughout
 the United States deem marijuana as having a current accepted
 medical usage in treatment as an antiemetic.
 In an effort to discredit the testimony of witnesses
 presented by the Alliance, DEA argues that the practice by
 patients of using street marijuana was not really accepted by
 physicians, nurses and hospitals but ranter #tolerated. # Since
 these professionals did not provide the marijuana or encourage
 its use by their patients_ the Agency contends that such
 12_9./ (...continued)
 2, 6, 7; Dro Thomas Ungerleider_ a California Psychiatrist and
 Full Professor at the University of California in Los Angeles
 With extensive experience on the medical use of drugs. Affidavit
 of Dr. Thomas Ungerleider_ _ 7-8; and Dr. Laster Grinspoon, a
 Boston Psychiatrist and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical
 School, Cross-examination of Dr. Laster Grinspoon, Tr. 14-27 &
 The Phalrmacologists who have testified are: Dro Philip Jobe_
 a Neuropsychopharmacologist with a practice in Illinois and
 former Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry at the Louisiana
 State University,School of Medicine, Affidavit of Dr° Philip
 Jobe_ _ l_ 3_ 5_ Dr° John Morgan_ a New York Pharmacologist,
 Full Professor and Director of Pharmacology at the City
 University of New York and also Board cez_ified in Internal
 Medicine, Affidavit of Dr_ John Morgan_ _[_ 3_ 8; Cross_
 examination of Dr. John Morgan, Tr. 6_195 & 6-196; and Dr. Andrew
 Weil, Associate Director of Social Perspectives in Medicine at
 the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona, and with
 extensive experience in research on medicinal plants, Affidavit
 of Dro Andrew Weil, _ 10-13_ Other professionals who have
 testified are George Goldstein_ a Ph.D. in Experimental
 Psychology, former Secretary of Health for the State of New
 Mexico from 1978 to 1983 and chief administrator in the
 implementation of the New Mexico Proqramo Affidavit of George
 Goldstein, _ 2_ 6; and Dr. Arthur Kaufman, a Maryland general
 practitioner with extensive experience in drug abuse treatment
 and rehabilitation programs and with extensive contacts with
 physicians in many medical specialties as a result of his work in
 quality care evaluation at U_S. military hospitals. Affidavit of
 Dr. Arthur Kauftman, _ 2_ 3_ Cross-examination of Dro Arthur
 Kaufman_ Tr. 9=!98o
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