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 Other physicians and patients testified_that these same views
 were shared in their local medical communities. These other
 physicians include prestigious psychiatrists, pharmacologists and!
 general practitioners with extensive experience in their own
 fields of practice and first hand experience with cancer patient_
 undergoing chemotherapy. I/-_/ In sum_ there is overwhelming
 i/_/ (°°°continued)
 Clinical Oncology and Radiology at the University of California°
 Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silveberg_ _ 4; Cross-examination of Dro
 Ivan Silveberg, Tro 3_77 & 3-78; Dr. Ronald Stephens, a Kansas
 oncologist with almost twenty years of experience treating 200 tc_
 300 patients a year and Director of Clinical Oncoloqy and Full
 Professor at the University of Kansas_ Also involved in the
 Southwest Oncology Group designing clinical trials with
 chemotherapy agents and with experience in antiemetic research.
 Cross-examination of Dr. Ronald Stephens_ Tr. 2_126, 2_127 & 2-
 139; Dr John Bickers_ a Louisiana oncologist with more than
 twenty years of experience and who treats more than I00 patients
 with chemotherapy a month. Also a Full Professor of Medical
 Ontology and Hematology at the Louisiana University School of
 Medicine in New Orleans andwith experience in antiemetic
 research° Cross_examination of Dr. John Bickers, Tr_ 2-92, 2-93
 & 2-94; Affidavit of Dr. John Bickers_ _ 3-5_ Dr. Deborah
 Goldberg_ a Washington DoCo oncologist with experience in
 antiemetic research. Affidavit of Dr. Deborah Goldberg _ 5, 25_
 27; Dr. William Regelson_ a Virginia oncologistF Full Professor
 at the Medical College of Virginia_ Virginia Commonwealth
 University for twenty years, and with extensive experience in
 research with anticancer drugs and antiemetics. Cross-
 examination of Dr_ William Regelson, Tro i3_!9e 13_20, 13_24, 13 _,
 25 &13-26.
 3_/ Among the Psychiatrists who have testified are: Dr. Dani_i
 Dansak, a New Mexicopsychiatrist_ chief implementor of the New
 Mexico study on marijuanaSs effectiveness as an antiemetic.
 Cross-examination of Dr° Daniel Dansakp Tro ii=9; Dr. Norman
 Zinberg, a general psychiatrist and Professor of Psychiatry at
 the Harvard Medical School since 1951_ with a wide experience a_
 clinician and researcher in the field of intoxicants and also a
 co-author of the Sallan Zinberg study. Affidavit of Dr. Norman
 Zinberg, _ l, 6; Cross-examination of D:_. Norman Zinberg, Tr_
 11-126; Dr° Tod Mikuriya_ a California P_sychiatrist_ as First
 U.S. Director of Marijuana Research at _le National Institute of
 Mental Health with extensive studies on cannabis and author of
 Marijuana: Medical Pa__9/_ a book on the historical perspective
 of marijuana's medical USeo Affidavit of Dro Tod Mikuriya _ I_
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