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 antiemetic throughout the United States. The Agency calls this
 first-hand testimony of Xlittle importance" based on the
 frivolous arguments that these patients used street marijuana
 rather than federally sanctioned marijuana and felt
 _euphoria. W!2//
 _The antiemetic properties of marijuana are undisputed.
 They have,been confirmed in double-blinds randomized studie_ and
 in the state programs.
 Anecdotal information on marijuana's effectiveness as
 an antiemetic has played a major role in physician's acceptance
 of the drug° Oncologists in this proceeding have testified as to
 the value of this information in their own practice. Dr. Ivan
 Silverberg testified _there is a validity to hearing hundreds of
 patients say that it workso _/_/ He also stated that it is
 common practice among oncologists to prescribe antiemetics, based
 on anecdotal information prior to FDA approvals citing the
 example of Dexamethasone. 12_/ In addition, the results of
 marijuana_s actions as an antiemetic were easily observable. !2_/
 3. Clinical Experience and Research Show
 That Marijuana Presents Significant
 DEA contends that the currently available antiemetics
 are highly effective in outpatient care; most patients can
 12// DEA Brief at 100-01o
 124/ Cross_examination of Dr_ Ivan Silvsrberg, Tr. 3-114.
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