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 Georgia_ Michigan_ New Ľork_ Tennessee and California
 overwhelmingly confirm ChangSs conclusion that marijuana is
 highly effective as an antiemetico
 c. _he/37_ Sallan/Zinb_q__tu_
 -DEA appears to disregard the valuable 'observations on
 marijuanaes effectiveness as an antiemetic made by the
 Sallan/Zinberg study based on the fact that it nwas not a
 scientific comparative study of smoked marijuana and oral
 THC # "ii_/
 Neither the researchers who conducted the study nor the
 medical com_unityshare DEAns unreasonable position. Dro Norman
 Zinberg, co-author of this study_ testified that it is through
 these kinds of observations that medical utility is
 established. II_/ And, this is exactly what occurred with the
 observations made in the study. As the Alliance demonstrated in
 its briefs physicians regarded them as w_luab!e in determining
 their acceptance of marijuana as an antiemetic and shared the
 information with their own cancer patients. I_Q/
 d. 1984 Double_Blind Study Comparing
 _C to MariluaDa
 Xn its briefs DEA refers to a double-blind study
 purporting to demonstrate that THe is more effective than
 ilS/ DEA Brief at 29-33.
 llgJ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg_ Tr. ii_204.
 12_q/ ACT Brief at 47_
 42 -

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