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 of the New Mexico study showed no difference between the
 randomized group and the non-randomized group. _00/
 DEA alleges that the results of the New Mexico program
 are not valid because _objective x measures of success were not
 included in the studyo !0_/ This argument is meritless_ Firsts
 effectiveness of the drugs _ THC and marijuana -= was measured
 using standard statistical procedures against a baseline level
 of nausea and vomiting for each patient_ This is an accepted
 research control methods viewed with approval by FDA. 19-_/
 Indeed_ so obvious is the lack of vomiting or nausea that it is
 difficult to understand how the reports of patients and the
 observations of physicians and nurses were not Xobjectiveo_
 (2) Georgia Study
 The Georgia program was a randomized study where
 patients received either oral THC or marijuana° Historical
 controls were applied. Althoug h the success rate reported for
 THC was slightly higher (76%) than with marijuana (73%)_ there
 was no statistically significant difference in the two modes of
 I00/ Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. 11=33.
 !01/ DEA Brief at 22.
 102/ Cross_examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ Tr. II_85;
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