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 therapeutic use. _-_/ Dr. Tod Mi_iya elaborates on this record
 e e , 7
 and reviews marijuanans historically recognized Indlcatlons. _/
 Dr. Lester Grinspoon places the first mention of marijuanaes
 therapeutic use at 2800 B.C. 7_/ As Dro Andrew Well testified,
 _[t]here is more detailed scientific and medical information
 available on marijuana than on any other drug. #_-/
 DEA finally articulates its basic concerns in the
 following way:
 [Marijuana] should not be used by individuals
 who suffer from heartdisease, pulmonary
 problems, epilepsy, psychotic disorders,
 immunosuppression, pregnancy, or persons who
 operate mo_ized vehicles or heavy
 machinery. _I
 The Alliance, in response, notes similar labeling can be found on
 dozens of over-the-counter preparations including non-scheduled,
 2__/ Affidavit of Raphael Mechoulam, Ph..D., _ 5(h). Mechoulam
 mentions the immense historical record available on marijuana's
 safety. Significantly, while DEA argues there is little
 scientific or medical data on marijuana, Mechoulam references a
 huge number of pharmacologic studies in page after page of his
 direct testimony.
 77/ Affidavit of Dro Tod Mikuriya, _ 6_8. _._ a_ NORML
 Exhibit, Marijuana: Medical Pamers, Mikuriya, T._ (ed), Medi-
 Comp Press; San Francisco, 1973.
 _._/ Affidavit of Dr_ Lester Grinspoon; _ 14.
 7_/ Affidavit of Dro Andrew Weil_ _ 82_ Dr. WeilSs
 observation is reinforced by Raphael Mechoulam_s recent books
 _annabinoids as Therapeuti___g_l_ introduced by DEA and NORML as
 an exhibit. Another reference work by N!DA contractors at the
 Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS) at the
 University of Mississippi, _arijuana; An_nnota_ed Biblioaraphy_
 by C.W. Waller; et al.; contains 3045 abstracted entries of
 scientific and medical journal articles on cannabis published
 between 1964 and 1975_ ACT Brief at 162.
 __Q/ DEA Brief at 120.
 ...... 28 -

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