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 A similar assessment is offered in the _hysicianes Desk
 Reference_ 2-q/
 Dro Grallap a DEA witness_ refused to accept the
 Agency's position:
 Shirley: [D3o you feel that there has been
 sufficient datapresented to show that
 marijuana is currently safes for use under
 medical supervision?
 Gralla: I don_t have too much trouble with
 the safety of the cannabinoids .... i find
 that we can [safely] use them0 y-I/
 DEA acknowledges marijuana does Hnot appear to be
 highly toxic. #2// DEA witness, Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D. is more
 ..... emphatic: "The Cannabis (marijuana) plant is . . . not a toxic
 material, as evidenced by the fact that few deaths are directly
 attributed o . . to its use. _7_/
 ...... DEA alleges our knowledge of marijuana is incom-
 plete. -_/ So it may be_ but it is also _vast_ #7_/ DEA witness
 Raphael Mechoulam, PhoDo speaks to the history of marijuanaSs
 7_/ ACT Brief at 226. Quoting from the Physicianas Desk
 _9_f_r_D.q_, _the nontherapeutic effects of Dronabinol [are] o o .
 identical to those of marijuana .... w
 ....... 71/ Redirect of Dr. Richard Gralla, Tro 8-67 & 8-68.
 7_/ DEA Brief _ 102 at 67_
 7_/ Affidavit of Raphael Mechoulam_ PhoDo, at 8_ Marijuana's
 low toxicity is emphasized by many witnesses. _ee Affidavit of
 Dr° Denis Petro, _ 48; Affidavit of Alice OeLearys _ 9; Rebuttal
 Affidavit of Dr. John Merritt_ I 33.
 74/ DEA Brief at _ 102-03 at 67-68; 106 & 10So _ alsQe
 Cross-examination of Keith Greent PhoD._ Tro 9-147 (#[D_espite
 all of the material that has been written about marijuana, we
 ....... still know so little. _)
 7_/ Cross-examination of Dr. Richard Gral!a, Tr. 8-25. (H[The)
 total literature on marijuanas is vast_ _)
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