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 in toxic_ even lethal reactions when
 properly _ployed_
 By contrast _ o o there are no medical
 studies which [show_ marijuana damages major
 organ systems or [causes]6_qutef injurious
 biological consequences° _s
 While DEA focuses on phantom fears, the record unmistakably
 affi_marijuana's therapeutic benefits can be safely exploited
 _ithin a medically supervised setting. _/ Many of DEASs own
 witnesses are uneasy with the Agency's phobic assessment of
 Keith Green, PhoD° on re-direct testified that the side
 effects of marijuana are no worse than those caused by
 dronabinol, a Schedule II drug:
 Shirley: [13s there any difference in the
 side effects between the oral [THC] and the
 smoked [marijuana]?
 Green: NoR [Y]ou get exactly the sam&
 responses_ 6--_/ ". .
 FDA agrees. In its March 9_ 1982 Federal Register notice on THC_
 FDA states:
 The effects of pure THC are essentially
 similar to those of Cannabis containing THC
 in similar amounts .... The risks to the
 ..... public health from [the] use of THC are
 likely to _similar to those of
 marijuana _i
 ___/ Affidavit of Dr. Andrew Wei!, _ 42_44. ___ also ACT
 Brief at 17-27o
 __Z/ ACT Brief at 17-27. Marijuanaes safety for use in the
 context of cancer therapies, _. at i16-_3_ glaucoma therapies,
 //_o at 162=66; as an antispasmodics i d. at 213_26.
 6_/ Re-direct of Keith Greene Ph.D. _ Tr. 9-195.
 __9_/ 47 _edera! Re_iste_ I0082_83, (1982).

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