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 Dro Denis Petro and the multiple sclerosis patients,
 para- and quadriplegic individuals who testified defined and
 ....... voiced _/ the very serious adverse effects caused by currently
 prescribed antispasmodic drugs and other neurologic treat_
 ments. -_-5-/ These treatments are deemed _safe # because the
 consequence of withholding treatment is crippling immobility.
 While we may take pride in the swift advance of
 medicine in our century, our knowledge is incomplete, our ability
 to cure elusive, our means of treatment imperfect. On the brink
 of the twenty-first century medical treatments still cause pain
 and entail grave risks. Despite great progress there are very
 real limits in medicine and many accepted therapies have harsh
 and brutal consequences. The governmentS, case is oblivious to
 this most fundamental of facts°
 While DEA may be blind to the need for a measured
 assessment, physicians are not. Those involved in treatment must
 balance potential benefits and possible iharms. Viewed nin the
 context u of therapy, marijuana is a very WsafeX drug. As
 Dr. Andrew Weil testified:
 Many of the drugs used to treat . . . cancers
 glaucoma and multiple sclerosi_s are highly
 toxic .... [Use of these drags may] result
 ___/ /_. at 222_23. ___ also Affidavit of Greg 9aufler, _ 23,
 36_39° Risk of therapy included "heart attack . o o death due t_
 respiratory failure _ o o death due to renal failure_ #. Paufler
 nearly died from drug induced potassium depletion_ Affldavit of
 Martha Hirsch, _ 22_ 23, conventional treatment caused
 hallucinations; Affidavit of David Brans_etter, _ 4; Affidavit of
 Valarie Cover, _ 34°
 _/ ACT Brief at 212° _ee_ils_Q Cross-examination of Dr. Denis
 Petro, Tr. 6-144, 6_145e 6-174_ Affidavit of Dr. Denis Petro,
 _ 16_20 & Exhibit 1 (antispasmodic drugs are highly toxic).
 ; - 25"_

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