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 Oncologists accept that antineoplastic drugs_ 5-_/
 radiation and antiemetictreatments 5_9/ are msafe" because they
 recognize that_ while these treatments involve the use of highly
 toxic poisons which may inflict serious injury, even death, the
 consequence of withholding treatment is certain death. 6_/
 Similarly_ ophthalmologists seeking to prolong the
 sight of glaucoma patients consider highly toxic, potentially
 0 6
 lethal substances -_I/ and risky surgical practlces 6-_/ "safe _
 ..... treatments because the certain consequence of withholding
 treatment is blindness_ f_/
 58/ ACT Brief at I16_19 & 121_23. Anti-cancer therapies are
 "highly toxic" and adverse effects are "profound." /_o at 122_
 See __q Affidavit of Dro Deborah Baron Goldberg, _ 10-12, 46;
 ACT Rebuttal Exhibits A I_5, _i_E_i_. Desk Reference listings
 for adverse effects of antineoplastic drugs°
 ___./ ACT Brief at 120_21. Adverse effects of anti-emetic
 therapies are discussed in detail. Dro Daniel Dansak_ in accord
 with other witnesses, testifies marijuana's side effects are
 _minor u compared to the adverse effects associated with other
 anti-emetic drugs. /_. at 120.
 60/ /__. at 116-23.
 __i/ ___ at 141=45. Adverse effects of glaucoma drugs include
 death from respiratory, cardiacs renal f_ilure or stroke. As
 Dr_ Merritt testified, _Despite their life-threatening adverse
 effects these drugs are all deemed 'safe _ for use in glaucoma
 therapy -n /Z_- at 145_ _ __q ACT Reb_sttal Exhibits B, 1-4.
 The physician's Desk Reference provides a detailed account of the
 adverse effects of glaucoma therapies°
 _/ _. at 138-3S & 145-48o All ophthalmic witnesses
 characterized surgery as a _last resort n treatment, _. at 138_
 with a high incidence of failures ___ and profound adverse
 effects which include _death_ m _. at 145_ ocular infections_
 _. at 146o Up to one-third of patients with end-stage glaucoma
 may be blinded by surgery° /_ at 147.
 ___/ /_. at 126, 136-37. According to DEA witness Dr_ Robert
 Hepler "many patients are ° o . not controllable . . . and may
 become blind. # /__o at 137. Seven thousand to ten thousand
 Americans are blinded by glaucoma each year® /_o at 126o
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