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 Inhalation therapy [marijuan_mokin_] was
 found to be more consistent.
 Simply stated, the scientific quest for the _Holy
 Grail n -- a synthetic substitute for marijuana _a has either
 failed to produce an alternative, as in the topical THC-based eye
 drop, or has produced an inferior substitute, like oral THC. The
 Alliance encourages qreater effort in this pursuit_ but also
 realizes that, within the context of medical treatment,
 physicians and patients must deal with immediate realities.
 The use of marijuana Uin treatment _ is informed by two
 centrally important facts: i) marijuana, for all its chemical
 diversity, is an incredibly _safe" drug and0 2) patients who
 employ marijuana nself-titrate _ to control the dose of the drug.
 As discussede _ at IV, marijuana is an extremely
 Usafe _ drug. It has an extraordinarily i_igh LD-50. -4_/ Thus, it
 is impossible to induce a lethal overdose and there are no
 clinically confirmed reports of debilitating, long-term adverse
 effects. _/ Hence, employing marijuana in therapy does not
 expose the patient to any significant ri_k of injury.
 From the testimony of many witnesses, it is also
 obvious that patients who smoke marijuana in therapy quickly
 learn to adjust their dose. Raphael Meclloulam, Ph.D. testified:
 44/ Affidavit of Clarence Fortner_ _ 18o
 _/ Affidavit of Raphael Mechoulam_ Ph.D.s _ 8. Later,
 Mechoulam notes that_ because marijuana's LD-50 is so high it
 cannot be quantified, marijuana could not receive NDA approval
 from FDA. In effect, marijuana is too _safe n to demonstrate an
 ability to be lethal. /_.
 __6/ Affidavit of Dr. A/_drew Weil, I 44.
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