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 Marijuanas for all its alleged Bvariability_ is a
 substance which, when used Win treatments _ produces highly
 predictable, reproducible results_ This question was discussed
 by the National Cancer Institute as early as 1978. According to
 the NCI, marijuana 6 when smoked _ produces "predictable _ _ Wrepro-
 ducible _herapeutic effects_ In sharp contrasts NCI calls oral
 THC_ now a Schedule IX drug (dronabinol) an #erratic n and
 _highly unpredictable _ dz_/g. Based on its assessments NCI
 determineS, #[A]ll in all the [marijuana_ cigarette is the best
 means of delivering the drUgo _42/
 On re-directs DEA witness Keitlh Greens PhoD. makes a
 ...... similar _comparison:
 Shirley: [fin your opinion . o o if either
 [oral THC] or [smoked marijuana] was . . _ a
 viable glaucoma control drug, which form
 would be more efficacious in _e treatment of
 Green: I would tend to go with smoking
 simply because one has better bio-
 availability of the drug. I couldn't go with
 the oral [THC] because there is so much
 differentiation_tween . . . one patient and
 another .... _
 According to DEA witness Clarence Fortner_ the California
 ...... Research Advisory Panel reports similar observations:
 In evaluating blood levels following
 administration, THC was fothnd to be
 erratically absorbed by the oral route.
 ___/ Affidavit of Robert Randall_ Exhibit 5_ Internal
 Memorandum, National Cancer Institutes May 15, 1978, at 1 & 4°
 _// Re-direct examination of Keith Green, Ph.D._ Tr° 9-194 & 9 =_
 t na [
 - 18,-

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