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 one hundred Phase _, Phase I_ and large-scale Phase Xll IND
 programs authorizing marijuana_s use by human beings. 3_9/
 Ignoring these facts, the actions of federal agencies
 and the testimony of many of its own witnesses_ DEA illogically
 claims marijuana is too nvariable_ to be medically useful. As
 DEA states:
 Modern drug research is based on the use of
 well-defined preparations of p_e compounds
 which_ when a_ministe_ to patients allow
 reproducible results, a_I
 DEA is confusing the utopian scientific quest for the
 "Holy Grail" -- the perfect drug that has no side effects and is
 better than all other drugs _/ -- with the realities of medicine
 as it is practiced "in treatmento u in practice, medicinef modern
 or ancient, seeks to resolve immediate physical problems.
 Medicine is not a quest for the mHoly Grail_ _ it is an effort to
 find an appropriate therapy for a particular patient at a
 particular time. While scientists like Green pursue the nHoly
 ....... Grail, _ physicians like Drs_ Silverberg_ North and Petro must
 meet the immediate medical needs of patients like Keith Nutt_
 Robert Randall and Valarie Cover with dz_gs that are admittedly
 imperfect, even dangerous°
 ___/ Affidavit of Edward Tocus, Ph.D., _ 5-7. According to
 Tocus, FDA has approved over ll0 Phase I_III iND's permitting
 marijuana's use by humans° Thirty of these INDs are active. _
 ..... ares.
 _uq/ DEA Brief _ 25 at 16.
 if/ Cross-examination of Eeith Green, Ph.D., Tr. 9-151 & 9-152_
 Green conceeds this quest is not always realized. _ also ACT
 Brief at 179.

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