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 marijuana cannot be _defined W or Wstandardized#3_/ are all
 rebutted by the Agency's own witnesses and by the actions of DEA
 and other federal agencies.
 The DEA, for example_ defines marijuana as a Schedule I
 substance ands more precisely, as a product produced at federally
 'licensed-facilities which_ in turn_ distribute marijuana to FDA_
 authorized, DEA-sanctioned progr_s of investigation. The DEA
 even has a code number for this marijuanao 3_/
 The National Xnstitute on Drug Abuser the agency which
 produces federal supplies of marijuanas mainta&ns two Drag Master
 Files (DMF #366 & DMF #1631) on marijuana with the FDAo 34/ These
 NIDA held Drug Master Files (DMF) contain detailed descriptions
 of the marijuana NIDA grows and rolls into cigarettes and distri _
 butes to FDA-approved, DEA_sanctioned IND research programs. The
 existence of these Drug Master Files -- and the use of informa_
 tion in these files by FDA in approving IND programs of study -_
 2u_/ DEA Brief at 99. DEA states:
 The Administrator's standard for accepted
 medical use in treatment requires that there
 must be scientifically determined and
 ..... accepted knowledge of the chemistry of a drug
 . , . for it to have an accepted medical use.
 2u_/ The current DEA code for marijuana is DEA No. 7360. This
 code describes marijuana grown An Oxford, Mississippi.
 ___/ These NIDA held FDA Drug Master Files (DMF) for marijuana
 contain extensive information on animal _tudies_ pharmacology,
 toxicology, drug composition and chemistry. The state studiesf
 and nCompassionate_H IND programs were approved by referencing
 information held in NIDA's Marijuana_Drug Master Files. Se_e ACT
 Official State Reports, Vole I!_ Exhibit I0, New Jersey Cancer
 Protocol_ FD 1571 Attachments I-!5_ at i--3.
 15 -

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