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 There are two other important reasons why marijuana
 should be rescheduied. First, as Drs. Regelson and Zinberg
 testified_ additional scientific research on a Schedule Z drug _
 particularly _rijuana -_ is very unlikely° Rescheduling_
 howevert would stir additional research° Second, public health
 concerns demand that marijuana be rescheduled. With respect to
 marijuana's medical utility in the treatment of spasticity_ there
 is no question that placement of the d_,_ in Schedule ZZ will be
 beneficial. Not only will additional research be encouraged, but
 the thousands of patients who currently 'ase marijuana to threat
 their spasticity will be one step closer to receiving legal
 marijuana rather than having to rely upon illicit_ potentially
 dangerous street marijuana. Zf for no other reason, marijuana
 should be reclassified as a Schedule ZI drug for the treatment of
 Respectfully submitted,
 Frank B. Stiiwell ZII
 Robert C. Laver
 1330 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
 Washington, DoC. 20036
 (202) 429-3000
 Attorneys for Alliance for
 Cannabis Therapeutics
 April 15_ 198S

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